Telemarketing is one of the most effective, yet one of the most feared methods of generating sales or nurturing new relationships. Humans are used to using five senses as a means of communication, when suddenly reduced to just two, we find the activity unnerving, and frankly most people would far rather do something else. Yet speaking with friends and family on the phone has become a normal, natural and enjoyable experience that most of us are more than happy to engage in at length.

So how can telemarketing be more enjoyable? At Blue Donkey we think it’s all about maintaining the right mindset. If you dread telemarketing and expect to achieve little, that’s probably what you’ll get. On the other hand, if your mind is genuinely infused with positive feelings about your product, service, and what you can do to help customers reach their goals, guess what happens, we are naturally compelled to want to share those positive feelings.




See a person in your mind’s eye

As you speak with your potential customer on the phone, try to imagine a person in your mind’s eye. For most of us, this means we will be looking upwards, as we need to look up in order to access the creative parts of the brain. Try and imagine eye contact and speak from the heart as you would do face to face. You’ll find this gives you a natural flowing conversation that you’ll enjoy more because it’s closer to what we as humans are used to doing. If you feel better, chances are you’ll come across in a way that makes your calls nicer to receive.


Know your onions

Being knowledgeable about your subject is one of the keys to successful telemarketing. Knowing how your product or service excels compared with others in the market, understanding what customers want, and knowing what makes your offering special is an important confidence builder. Used with good open questions this knowledge is a powerful means for building successful interactions for your brand.


Keep on keeping on

At Blue Donkey we don’t buy in to the narrative that telemarketing is a Numbers game, if anything it’s a Quality game, in that the overriding success factor will always be the quality of the calls that gets results. However, there’s no getting away from it, the numbers matter. If you currently make 2 good quality calls a day, so maybe you dial 20 numbers to reach 2 target decision makers (not an unusual ratio in B2B) which you have a good two-way conversation with: you are probably getting some decent outcomes. What would happen if you ramped that up to double? Double the results, more even, as momentum builds success. Having the discipline to manage metrics carefully, to keep on keeping on could make a world of difference to the results.


Being purposeful and positive in our endeavours makes all the difference, not just to our calls but also to our state of mind. Most of us are pack-animals, we enjoy communicating with other people but only when we feel the communication is meaningful and helpful to the other person. After all, who wants to be making pointless dial after dial. Instead, by investing our emotions and attention fully, we can create interactions that really matter, not just to the results we attain but to the people we touch with our calls, and crucially to our own wellbeing because finding meaning and satisfaction in our work makes us happy people.


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