3 Sure fire ways to get your prospects talking in B2B lead generation

One of the biggest challenges in B2B lead generation is getting a prospect talking. Once you’ve started a conversation, it’s easy to get into your prospect’s headspace, communicate your message and begin growing a relationship. However, if the prospect won’t engage with you, your chances of a successful outcome will diminish. Despite being an important aspect of B2B lead generation, many people still find themselves baffled by how to get their prospects talking. While some are held back by fear or nerves, others can simply lack the communication skills needed to break down barriers and have meaningful discussions.

One of the most important moments of any B2B lead generation call is the second between getting past the gatekeeper and waiting for the decision maker to pick up the phone. At this moment, when you’re taking a deep breath and are poised to make your pitch, the success or failure of your call is often determined. If the next few seconds go well, you’ll be able to glide effortlessly into your call and connect with the prospect you’re speaking to. If you make a mistake, however, you could end up fluffing your pitch, making the call awkward or even crashing out altogether. To help you avoid this happening, we’ve developed a few easy techniques to guarantee a great first impression every time. Keep reading to find out more.

Simple opening

Make your opening as quick and simple as possible. In B2B lead generation, the opening is just who you are, the company you’re calling from, and the reason for your call. Always remember to use your first and last name, and don’t pack too much detail into the reason why you’re calling. Try to avoid phrases like ‘find out of your interested’ and ‘might be able to help you’, instead use stronger language that puts you in a more positive light. The sooner you can get your opening done, the sooner you can ask an open question and get the prospect engaged with the call.


Open questions are questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Open questions should always be relevant to the reason for your call, so please don’t ask about the weather, or how someone is, unless you actually know them. In B2B lead generation terms, the golden rule is ‘if you don’t care, don’t ask’. All your questions should be designed to generate insight about your prospect and their organisation. Open questions tend to begin with the words What, When, Why, How, but ‘tell me’ type questions can also be helpful and they could begin ‘tell me about’. Some questions will suit you more than others, so experiment, and be prepared to bin your open questions and nurture new ones. As ever, your calls should never become copies of each other, they should be unique to each prospect, because each prospect and their needs are unique.

Have interest

If you want to get a prospect talking, you have to demonstrate interest and deserve their time. Listen to the answers people give you, probe for relevant or interesting detail, and show how your product, or service, aligns with their needs. Don’t be tempted in to listing off the benefits of your products and services. B2B lead generation is all about communicating with your prospect in a way that is appropriate and meaningful to them, so prioritise the information you give according to their particular requirements, preferences or business.


Though your call should always be professional and on point, as a skilled professional you should also be able to inject an element of yourself in to the conversation. If you’re confident and a good communicator your B2B lead generation will get under the skin of the people you speak with. This will help your work find meaning and create successes, all factors that will deliver enjoyment and satisfaction. Most people get a lot of enjoyment from doing a job they’re good at. The more success you have, the more you will enjoy yourself, and the more your enthusiasm will be communicated to the person you’re talking to. With increasing awareness of a mental health epidemic, workplaces can no longer ignore their responsibility for helping their people adopt healthier habits and ways of approaching their work. Learning to create and enjoy more meaningful connections, either by phone or face to face is a vital component of job satisfaction.

Making outbound B2B lead generation calls can be stressful, in fact for some, they’d rather do almost anything than make cold calls. Using techniques to de-stress and enjoy the process can be a liberating experience. Experts at Very Well Mind say how you react to this kind of stress makes all the difference. Strong stress management skills lead to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. All you need is a plan and a bit of mindfulness.

At Blue Donkey, we’re always looking for ways to improve our techniques and our success rate to ensure our telemarketers are as happy, confident, and successful as possible. To find out more, or to learn how we can help boost the success of your telemarketing team, get in touch with us today.

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