5 ways to help your B2B telesales create a positive impression

Generating a positive brand image is the objective of most marketing activities, and, most companies spend a fortune on it. Furthermore, a negative brand impression can be very hard to recover from, especially if it’s the first impression you gave. As your B2B telesales team is often the first contact a company has with its prospective clients, ensuring your team knows how to avoid making a bad impression is essential if you want your telemarketing campaigns to succeed.

Coming on too strong

If there’s one thing that decision makers dislike more than anything else, it’s B2B telesales people who come on too strong. Diving headfirst into a sales pitch before you’ve taken the time to build up a rapport with the decision maker will make your telemarketers seem pushy. This could easily lead someone to a negative impression of your brand. Callers should always take care to put the needs of the buyer uppermost in their call. Ask questions, and communicate the things that are important to them, not you.

Do some homework

Decision makers and gatekeepers are busy people, so if they think your B2B telesales team is wasting their time, they won’t see your brand in a positive light. To prevent this, make sure your telemarketers do the right groundwork before they pick up the phone. They should be clear about what they can offer and how it stacks up against alternatives in the market. Having a list of differentiating factors in their minds, using open questions to fuel conversations, and listening. These will all help create a mutual two-way dialog that’s all about the potential customers, their business, and needs. Having stats, benchmarks and examples are all helpful for peppering the call with intelligent insight to inspire the buyer.

Open questions

Asking questions plays an important role in your B2B telesales building a positive brand impression. If your team fails to engage with the prospect and create authentic two-way dialogue, they risk alienating the decision maker.

In addition to helping to create a productive conversation, asking questions gives telemarketers a valuable opportunity to find out more about the prospect and to demonstrate that they have the potential client’s interests at heart. Well selected and profiled data will help ensure you have a compelling reason to call a particular type of organisation. This may be the sector, the size, or the type, but begin by creating a well profiled target list first. This will help ensure the businesses you’re contacting have potential needs for the products or services you offer.

Work at the buyer’s pace

A good connection with a strong product or service offered to the right organisation and buyer will help influence people to act. If they don’t act then they may agree to a further call at a more relevant time for their business or buying cycles. If the data is right, and the calls are informative, you can expect to generate positive outcomes on the whole. But your B2B telesales needs to respect the buyer’s timelines and not be pushy. Add information to the database that will help fuel your next call, and agree on a follow up call date. Be happy to have a detailed conversation, exchange information, and gain consent to speak again when the time is right. By taking this approach your database will grow richer with opportunities that will gradually convert to happy customers. Those that you strong-arm may convert quickly but they won’t stay. In our experience, the most valuable relationships take time to nurture.

Be knowledgeable

B2B telesales teams need to be able to answer all of the questions that decision makers throw at them. This means they need to have an in-depth knowledge of the company, products, and services. They should be able to discuss the benefits of what you offer and make a compelling case for why you’re the best option out there.

Always make sure you check out the latest rules for compliant telemarketing. There are some great free tools and services available via the ICO website.

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