Adopting a gratitude attitude in B2B telemarketing

Lots of things in life make us happy or sad. Telemarketing is one of those workplace activities many people will actively seek to avoid. Why? Because the knock-backs hurt, speaking to strangers feels uncomfortable, being unable to see the person we’re talking to compromises our senses, or because we’re afraid of saying something silly and embarrassing ourselves. Sadly, those people who dislike telemarketing often have bad experiences fixed in their mind, and since our fears are made up of negative experiences, it colours our perception and expectations of the world. Put simply, if you expect unpleasant outcomes, they will probably happen.

On the other hand, for those of us who do enjoy telemarketing, or at least link the activity of telemarketing to success and achievement, unsurprisingly, we see things a little differently! Read on to find out how.

Carry good baggage

To make a success of B2B telemarketing, instead of fixing the negative aspects in your mind, we suggest you focus on the positives. Keep good experiences front of mind as you move through your calling and keep reminding yourself of successful interactions and fun calls. Remember the great stuff: the time you called someone and had such an effective conversation that they went on to become your best client. Remember the person who gave you some vital information that led to you taking some good new ideas to your boss. Or how about the time someone said they were actually in process of reviewing and you got to the table just in time to take the business away from the competition.

Have courage, Show care

Most of us will have examples of great occurrences, yet many chose to remember the odd time they were hung-up on, or where they made a gaffe and felt silly. Carrying good baggage in your mind and through your calls will help you retain a healthy, positive mindset that’s great for your well-being, brings joy to your work, and ensures greater success. Having the courage and confidence to move through call after call, taking time to treat everyone with care and respect takes energy and passion but the payback is invariably worth the effort. Not just for performance metrics but for the satisfaction our jobs afford us. It’s not by accident that the happy, fulfilled and optimistic folk are the nicer to be around.

Be grateful

At the bottom of all this feel-good power is the ability to adopt an attitude of respecting and being grateful for the time people give us over the phone. We call them out of the blue, they’re not duty-bound to take or respond to our calls, they could be under pressure, unhappy, in the middle of something important, or maybe they just don’t feel like speaking to a stranger. Whilst at Blue Donkey we know it’s easy to feel frustrated if someone you call isn’t responsive, we also understand that we are competing for attention. Happify the workplace mental health specialists explain how the effects of gratitude can last longer than you might expect, they go on to say feeling and expressing gratitude can make you happy in the moment and contribute to far more rewarding work. So simply thinking in terms of being grateful to people who spare us their time and expressing those thoughts with a simple thank you can make all the difference to our work, our lives, and to the people around us.

Don’t judge

We’ve all been in the room when a colleague expresses an opinion, or just plan anger with someone they’ve just spoken with on the phone. Good B2B telemarketing relies on discipline and competence to engage with decision makers in business, on their terms. Tempting as it may be to express or even feel judgement for those who’s manner or words don’t please us, its healthier and far more professional to resist and move on.

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