Appointment making experts capture attention in 10 seconds or less

Appointment making experts must capture the attention of the person they are calling in the first few seconds of engagement. If you can do this, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving the objective of your call. If you find you sometimes struggle to capture attention, take a look at the tips below for grabbing a prospect’s attention quickly and effectively.

Stand out from the crowd

One of the best techniques appointment making experts use to capture attention quickly over the phone is to create original sounding calls. By giving buyers something authentic you will disrupt their routine and ensure their focus is entirely on you. Work on effective opening techniques so the start of your call is original, informative and captivating. Your call should always begin with who you are, where you’re calling from, and the reason for your call. This should be short, original, and informative. Then ask an open question that draws the person into your call in a relevant way – so no questions about the weather please!

Get personal

If your telemarketing calls sound scripted, generic, or irrelevant, it will repel your buyer, making them unlikely to pay attention. If you can tailor your call, make it personal to them and their business, you’ll be able to demonstrate not only that you care about their needs and requirements, but also that you’re sensitive to the demands of their industry and that you’ve taken the time to think about their needs. Appointment making experts will generally find that if the chemistry is right in the first few seconds of a call, they are more likely to win face-time with their potential buyer.

Be positive

We tend to overestimate how many calls buyers get these days. One of the worst things you can do when starting a conversation with a target decision maker is to give voice to your insecurities with statements such as ‘I’m sure you get many calls like this’ or ‘I know you must be very busy’. The implication with such sentiments is that you believe they won’t want to speak with you. And if you feel that way, guess what happens? Being positive in your outlook will help you sound inviting, compelling and like you can make a difference to that person’s work in some way. After all, you wouldn’t have them on your database, or be calling unless you had already established that you have a good reason to speak with them.

Simple is best

Few things can cause a telemarketing call to wither and fade faster than technical jargon and business speak. Appointment making experts will generally avoid the use of business jargon, its outmoded and irrelevant for most professional situations. Instead of trying to impress your contact with buzzwords and long, complex phrases, keep your conversation simple. Use short sentences and reference proof points or examples, and use dialog that’s accessible to anyone. That way your call is easy to digest and builds bridges in your communication, not barriers.  Besides, there is nothing more embarrassing or cheesy than using a piece of jargon incorrectly – cringe!

Pay attention please

If you want your buyer to give you their complete attention, you need to do the same. Make sure you don’t become distracted during your call, and this is so easy to do when you’re nervous because you are tuned in to your own feelings and emotions, rather than those of the person you’re communicating with. Try to make sure you listen carefully to their answers, instead of attempting to think ahead to what comes next. Seeing a person in your mind will help you do this.

Appointment making experts learn to build rapport by carefully listening to the person they’re speaking to, using complete attention to gain valuable insight into their needs and requirements. This also serves to help the appointment setter’s job become more worthwhile and meaningful so they are actually doing something with a social purpose, to help someone else. According to wellbeing experts at meaning in the workplace is one of those things that is hard to define, but once discovered has far-reaching benefits.

Capturing someone’s attention quickly and effectively is an essential telemarketing skill. To find out more about useful telemarketing techniques, take a look around our website or give us a call and speak to one of the friendly members of our team.

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