B2B lead generation in 3 easy steps. Triangle split in to 3 stages.

B2B lead generation can be painful, especially the necessary but dreaded telemarketing element of B2B lead generation, since most of us would rather do yesterday’s washing up than cold calling.

However experienced we are in dialling telemarketing calls, and however confident we may be in our product or service offering, picking up the phone to cold call someone we don’t know, who are not expecting the call, and where we can’t read body language, will inevitably be daunting. However, with telemarketing continuing to top the leader board of marketing methods that consistently succeeds in B2B lead generation, by building the right relationships and nurturing sales, it’s a business tool that no one can afford to neglect. Furthermore, cold calling allows you to speak to infinitely more companies than you can possibly connect with face to face.

At Blue Donkey, we understand all about transforming cold calls into warm relationships. How do we do it? Keep reading to find out.

First: Take pride in your products and services

Confidence and pride in your products and services will come across as soon as your prospective client puts the phone to his ear. Enthusiasm is infectious and makes us easier to talk to, so to help yourself propagate the right enthusiasm, and pride, write down 10 excellent features that describe the product or service you’re selling. These are the things that differentiate and define your offering, and which will excite and enthuse your target audience.

Think about how your 10 features will benefit the company you’re calling. Consider their objectives, their business, and their company challenges. If you can demonstrate how your product or service can save time, money, make life easier, or improve the quality of their work, you’ll be successful in your B2B lead generation.

Second: Use the human senses

The more senses you can use when making a business call, the better B2B lead generation activities will perform. Whilst it’s true that the telephone removes a number of the human senses from our communication, using visualisation techniques will help us perform as if we were face to face. For example, next time you make a cold call, visualise the face of the person you’re speaking to. When they answer, talk to them as if you were speaking face to face. These techniques take a bit of practice but like most B2B lead generation techniques, they become second nature after a while and will help to make the conversation flow more naturally and will make the next call less daunting. Professional sports people often use visualisation techniques to improve their performance in big competitions. As well as helping them to focus on their ultimate goal, visualisation helps to build confidence, and create an expectation of success, two things that are incredibly important when making cold calls.

Third: Set clear achievable objectives

Goal setting is important in all areas of sales and B2B lead generation is no different. A useful acronym for goal setting is SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. By setting these parameters you can push yourself to achieve tangible goals and maximise your impact. If you can get yourself into the right mindset, use positive visualisation techniques and set yourself clear, achievable goals systematically, regularly and in a disciplined manner, you won’t only find your B2B lead generation calls are more successful, you may even find it empowers you.

At Blue Donkey we call this intelligent telemarketing. We’ve seen our client companies go from good to great by embracing the opportunities presented by systematic, intelligent telemarketing for B2B lead generation.

Talk to us today to learn how we can develop your in-house telemarketing team, or outsource your lead generation to Blue Donkey’s seasoned teams of expert communicators, and transform your business.

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