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B2B telemarketing has long since left behind the idea of scattergun marketing where everyone was a target, and there was a direct relationship between how many prospects you touched and how many sales you’d get. At Blue Donkey, we developed the concept of intelligent B2B telemarketing some 22 years ago and we’re still always looking for ways that we can improve our technique, adapt our approach and find solutions that really benefit the clients we’re calling. This customer-centric philosophy has helped us to excel in our field, bringing our team continued success and helping us to improve standards within the telemarketing industry.

Similarly, this approach of reflective cycles of learning and improvement meant several years ago some bright marketers discovered an idea that has served to change the face of B2B telemarketing and B2B lead generation. Called the segment-of-one, mass marketers discovered they could narrow their focus and create products for specific customer segments that can be understood and trimmed down to a single individual. By using segmentation marketers can look for common characteristics such as shared or homogeneous needs, business activities, or demographic profiles, with the aim of identifying high-value segments, or those which are likely to have the best growth potential and can, therefore, be placed in a selection that warrants special attention.

By implementing segmentation, marketers can focus on particular customers that matter to them. They can tailor and adapt the marketing approach so they dovetail with each segment and homogeneous customer type. Not only can segmentation help to provide an insight into the market and specific customer requirements, it can also help marketers to find new opportunities, connect with their target market and grow their knowledge of key prospects. Marketing and customer experience experts like Qualtrics suggest market segmentation must be the first step in determining who your marketing should target. They propose segmentation helps us understand which groups to identify and target in our marketing

Sadly, a recent report from B2B Marketing has revealed that a surprising 25% of marketers say their organisations aren’t customer centric. What’s more, the report showed 43% of those surveyed admitted their sales teams interacted with senior decision-makers without having a clear enough idea of their specific business challenges or needs.

What is segmentation?

Before a telemarketer picks up the phone to someone, we expect them to think about the potential buyer, the business, the market and industry of the person they’re connecting with. By using segmentation information they can consider and plan aspects of the call to give themselves the best chance of building a more focused marketing interaction and can tailor the products and services in a way that allows them to uncover new opportunities.

Segmentation allows for a more targeted approach

When telemarketers take the time to find out a little more about the prospect they’re speaking to, it gives them the opportunity to adapt their message to make it as relevant and on target as possible. It also helps to ensure that telemarketers are targeting relevant prospects and that all calls they make are to relevant businesses and individuals.

Improving B2B telemarketing success rates

This targeted approach and increased understanding of customer needs should result in a higher success rate for your B2B telemarketing. By focusing on the right segments of an industry, you can ensure every call you make has a better chance of hitting its mark and delivering real results. What’s more, by focusing calls on prospects that have a real interest in the products and services you’re offering, you can boost customer loyalty, drive revenue and improve your business’ marketing ROI.

By adopting a customer segmentation strategy, businesses can dramatically increase the value of their marketing, tailor their products, services, and message to suit their target audience and strengthen their relationship with their customer base.

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