B2B telephone market research

Market research is a key component of any successful business. Understanding what clients think and need, not only helps cement lasting relationships, it informs product development, service enhancements, and the broader marketing mix. In fact, market research helps companies ensure they are making the right products for the right people.

For organisations selling to other organisations, b2b telephone market research is usually the preferred method for collecting new insights from clients and potential clients. This is because the phone offers some unique opportunities to gently probe and tease out the right kind of information to enable marketers to gain information that is reliable, valuable, and as informative as possible. However in b2b, telephone, like all other areas of telemarketing you need to be asking the right questions.


One of the most essential things you’ll need to learn from a market research telemarketing call is whether the contact is from your selected demographic. If the business you’re talking to falls outside your target criteria, any information you garner during the call will be largely irrelevant and won’t help to inform your campaign. It also puts your product development cycles at risk of responding to the wrong demands. The list used for b2b telephone market research needs, therefore, to be carefully profiled and homogeneous – this means buyers will typically have a similar type of requirement and will fit your target group closely. Of course, it’s still important to ask the right qualifying questions to ensure the person you reach is the best person to gather views from if you want to ensure your outcomes are reliable and robust enough to shape your future marketing investments.


In some cases, the main purpose behind a telemarketing market research campaign is to understand whether there is demand for a new product or service, and the price that would make it useful or attractive to potential buyers. Your telemarketers will need to be able to explain the concept behind your product or service succinctly and clearly. They’ll also need to be able to interpret various responses in order to distinguish between polite interest and genuine enthusiasm. As all business leaders know, conducting market research during the development of a new product or service is essential, especially if you want the finished product to appeal to the right target audience.


B2b telephone market research offers telemarketers an opportunity to learn more about the people they’re speaking to. By asking insightful questions, listening to the answers and getting a conversation going, your telemarketers can get under the skin of the people they’re speaking to and get a real feel for their needs and requirements. Have your telemarketers tailor a mix of open and closed questions to find out how the products and services you offer fit in with the specific needs of the prospect. The more they can learn about the requirements of the business, that can be supported with a mix of numerical and anecdotal feedback, the more it will enrich and inform your marketing progress.


As well as ensuring your business is meeting the current needs of your target audience, you need to know how you can improve the service you offer in the coming years. Even if you’re not planning to expand your operations in the near future, understanding where you can improve and diversify the products and services you offer will stand your business in good stead for the future.

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