In B2B sales, getting your message right is key to making the right impact on prospective customers. It’s easy to get bogged down in the technical detail of what your product or service offering can do, however, at best this can come across as a list of meaningless features, rather than capture the imagination of the person you’re trying to engage.

When making a sales call, it’s important to get the balance of features and benefits right, if you’re going to achieve your goal of drawing someone into a discussion. One of the best ways to ensure your call comes across as interesting and informative is to focus on the benefits your service delivers to the people who use it. Instead of listing features the best telemarketing professionals will explain how something will deliver benefits in the light of how buyers answered their open questions. Not only will this help to illustrate how your service can apply to their situation, it will also demonstrate you’re listening, something that can go a long way to laying the foundations of a productive business relationship.

Don’t be a catalogue

If you simply list the features of the service you represent, you won’t be providing any information the decision maker can’t get from a catalogue. This may make your contact feel like they’re wasting their time by talking to you and probably won’t go a long way towards getting them on board.

Instead of simply relaying basic information about technical features, use the opportunity the call affords to really go into the benefits of the service you’re calling about. This is your chance to help prospects see how the benefits you’re offering could suit their unique situation. As you describe the benefits, take the opportunity to make the service really come to life for them and give your brand a personality. This will help to make your call memorable and will help them to feel a connection with you and your business.

Tailor benefits around each buyer’s needs

A good telemarketer will always try to tailor the benefits they discuss to the needs of the business they’re contacting. Bring up their website as you dial and use your opening question to find out a little more about the business and their needs.

Rather than make assumptions that certain features will be interesting, ask about the challenges their business faces and see if you can work the benefits you’re offering into the call that way.

Be clear about your benefits

Becoming flustered during your call can cause you to fall back on listing the features of your product or service. To ensure this doesn’t happen remind yourself of the top five to ten benefits before you pick up the telephone. As well as helping them to stay fresh in your mind, this should boost your enthusiasm and ensure you come across as passionate and positive.

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