Can't decide whether to use outsourced telemarketing services or stay inhouse

After the year we’ve had, getting your sales machine up and running again may well be a bit of a challenge. For some, decisions about how to build their new business pipeline will include whether to use outsourced telemarketing services. It’s a good question since many of us have grown up with the notion that cold calling builds careers. And actually the fundamental principle of telemarketing is pretty straightforward, call a target list, uncover buyer requirements, and pitch. But in reality, it’s rarely that easy. Telemarketers run into a host of barriers when making their calls. How they deal with those barriers will determine whether their calling is a success or a failure.

Often, businesses come to Blue Donkey because their attempts at telemarketing haven’t produced the results they were expecting. To help you improve a telemarketing campaign’s chances of success, we’ve compiled some of the steps we take. By following these basics rules we ensure the outsourced telemarketing services we provide clients, thrive, and grow in our hands. The good news is, you don’t have to outsource to benefit from the disciplines outsourcers adopt.

Scripts are never OK

Who would use a script in life? Even the most basic task would be impaired if the doer were asked to follow a script. Most of us can’t recall a time we received a scripted call we found helpful, informative or one that sparked our interest.

On that basis, few providers of professional outsourced telemarketing services would contemplate using scripts. Skilled, intelligent people are easily able to have a professional conversation without having their words prompted.

At Blue Donkey we never use scripts. We believe the right people, training, skills, and experience are easily the best way to produce good calls. In fact, we do what our clients would do. We hire the best staff we can afford, we value, praise, and invest in growing their competencies. So the outsourced telemarketing services they deliver on behalf of our client family are intelligent two-way conversations.

Instead of using scripted or formulaic structures, trust and empower your staff with the information they need for inspiring connections. By doing so you’ll have teams that are committed to communicating your brand in a convincing and compelling way. That’s the best possible tool outsourced telemarketing services can ever hope to offer. You can create and nurture that internally.


Blue Donkey is based within the Cambridge technology bubble. Dubbed Silicon Fen, our geography has meant we’ve become accustomed to working with sophisticated organisations in complex industries. Over the past two decades, we’ve discovered that packing too much in-depth technical detail and jargon into calls is counter-productive. This is because jargon is clichéd for the person receiving the call and overwhelming for the person dialling. Specialist jargon or language is a big turn off for professional buyers and decision makers. What’s more, with the technology industry moving at lightening pace, the language being used is often out of date before the pitch has even begun. Your message should be about how the product or service makes a difference to the buyer.

Stick to the benefits

When making a telemarketing call, outsourced telemarketing services would always advocate discussing the benefits delivered by products, not their features. As consumers, we buy for all sorts of reasons. It’s quite likely we’ll purchase something just because we ‘like it’. In a business context, a buyer would generally only ever buy something for reasons to do with time, effort, money, or security. These are what Blue Donkey teams describe as ‘benefits’. So we talk in terms of the business benefits delivered by something, rather than its specific features or attributes.

It’s also important to avoid too much detail in the discussion. Understanding the buyer’s needs, and building a narrative around those needs is enough. Delving every aspect of the product or service will make the call too long and rambling. It will also risk negating the point of even having a meeting.  Outsourced telemarketing services ask questions, establish needs, address those needs with benefits and proof points, then ‘close’ for the meeting.

Manage the objective

Whether you have an in-house function or use outsourced telemarketing services, getting good quality meetings takes time and effort. You can’t expect to cold call a company and get a meeting straightaway. If this does occur, it happens with the lucky few only and is not the norm. Instead, you’ll need to nurture the relationship, ask questions, understand needs, and work towards a face to face appointment. If you have had previous contact with a company, it shouldn’t take you as long to obtain a meeting. However, you’ll still need to put some legwork into building strong links if you want the relationship to be successful.

Outsourced telemarketing services are likely to achieve higher appointment rates, but is often down to efficiency and good training. Not a magic wand. There’s no reason why a dedicated team shouldn’t achieve the same high-performance levels, as long as they are supported. So trainers on tap can help to work through any pain, and systems enable the team to manage consistent metrics.

According to American Express, “there are three vital factors to in-house hiring and outsourcing: cost, expertise, and flexibility”. Outsourced telemarketing services like Blue Donkey are experts at a niche task. All our systems are designed around that and only that, while our clients focus their resources on their core tasks. It’s not necessarily the case that outsourcing is better or worse than staying inhouse, it’s really a question of resources. If you can gather together and maintain the right skills, support, and systems, inhouse works fine. Otherwise outsourced telemarketing services will provide a facility that can scale up or down as your business needs change.

To find out more about outsourced telemarketing services or running telemarketing campaigns that produce real results contact a member of our team.

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