Does your B2B telemarketing make the right impression for your brand

Your B2B telemarketing will often be the first time your brand engages with a particular company or decision maker. So your telemarketing campaign will form the basis of the first impression your brand makes. The tone, messaging and success of your call may well shape the future relationship between your business and its potential client base. It’s important then, that your B2B telemarketing gets things off on the right foot. Even if a prospect is aware of a brand and its products or services, the first time they interact with a representative of that brand will have a significant impact on how they view the business.

Placing people at the heart of the call

As far as is possible, telemarketing calls should be all about the client. The telemarketer needs to place the requirements and interests of the potential client at the heart of the call. By asking relevant open questions, listening carefully to the answers and using the opportunity to demonstrate how the services their company offers could help meet the business needs identified. By putting the client at the centre of the call, telemarketers can show that they value and respect their client’s input and that they are genuinely interested in meeting needs. This strategy also provides telemarketers with the perfect opportunity to find out more about potential customers and to handle any objections or questions the potential customer might have. By approaching their B2B telemarketing in this way, telemarketers can create a positive first impression, build the foundations of a solid relationship and get a real two-way conversation going.

Put selling aside

Although the main aim of most telemarketing calls is to generate new relationships and sales, putting this goal aside can actually help telemarketers to make a good impression and ultimately get more from the call. Taking the focus away from selling can remove a lot of the pressure from the call and open up the conversation in a way that’s more authentic to most professionals. This can provide an opportunity for the telemarketer to build rapport with the prospect and allows the prospect to ask questions. Asking questions, or even raising objections, is a sign of interest in B2B telemarketing, and offers the telemarketer the chance to develop the conversation and go a little deeper into the benefits and features of the product or service.

People do business with people they like

As most professionals know, people do business with people they like. If telemarketers can create a positive impression, it will reflect well on the brand and will make it a more attractive company to do business with. By being respectful, positive and informative throughout a call, and by ensuring the call doesn’t become too ‘salesy’, telemarketers can help a brand to grow and get customer relationships off on the right foot. According to database experts, B2B companies can forge stronger bonds with customers and prevent churn by viewing their B2B telemarketing roles as essential ‘happiness heroes’, because done well, the telemarketing campaign can facilitate longer and happier relationships with customers.

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