Does your pitch pack a punch

If you’re wondering why your b2b lead generation pitch isn’t quite hitting the mark, perhaps it’s your messaging that needs a workout. When we’re with a business, brand, or product for a period of time, it’s natural to find ourselves getting comfortable with the pitch. We know what it is, and why it’s special, so we assume we’re getting that across to the people we’re communicating with. Quite possibly, we are getting it across but in a way that fails to impress. The good news is, there are things we can do to inject a bit of sass and attitude into our calls to turn limp into lively.


If you’re saying the same things over and over again, it’s no surprise your pitch gets hackneyed and dreary, after all, if you’re not excited, how can you expect your b2b lead generation pitch to enthuse someone else. At Blue Donkey we have some tried and trusted methods for keeping our pitch crisp. We use probing questions at the start of calls. Here’s how it goes, we introduce ourselves and our business, then drop straight into an open question that’s relevant to our purpose. As soon as we get the buyer talking, the process of building a relationship starts to happen, while at the same time we can begin gathering vital insight about what that business needs. This information then drives the messaging we insert into the call. So instead of having a pitch, or patter that we use over and over again, what we say is uniquely moulded around the individual buyer we are engaging in that moment.

No singing please

One of the most infuriating habits we see in b2b lead generation environments is singing. People who say the same things over and over again often unwittingly ‘sing’ their patter without realising. This is usually in the form of inflecting sentences in the same place each time they’re used, or regular overemphasis of particular words or phrases. This sing-song pattern of speech is as annoying to the receiver of the b2b lead generation call as it is to the person sitting next to the caller. Do yourself a favour and tell your friend in the next chair to point it out next time you’re guilty. Or better still, imagine a person in your mind’s eye and speak to them as if they were in the room with you. This way, the bad habits that come from repetitive, mechanical calling that you’re not fully concentrating on can be phased out.

Proof points and evidence

Proof points and evidence in b2b lead generation include items such as testimonials, certification, awards, unique features, product reviews, statistics, market share, third party endorsements and so on. They are supporting points to help prove what you’re saying. Using awards and accreditations in a telemarketing call is especially helpful for getting attention and differentiating from the competition because they offer irrefutable evidence of the quality and importance of something. By asking the right questions we can find out what is high on the list of priorities for each buyer and present supporting information accordingly.

Get emotional

Only a human to human interaction can truly create the emotional connection needed to get a buyer speaking with us honestly about their needs. We have an opportunity when we use the telephone for b2b lead generation, to get into someone’s head and influence how they view things. It’s vital we make the best and most respectful impact with that headspace. According to management consultants Mckinsey, one important revelation for b2b companies is how important the emotional dimension of the brand is. “Hard” facts matter, such as expertise, but the emotional components, such as “fits in well with my values and beliefs,” is an important element when b2b customers consider a brand.


Creating calls with great impact is a powerful way to get more from your b2b lead generation. To learn more about improving your telemarketing technique, or to find out about what we do, contact a member of our team today.

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