B2B Lead generation in action

Effective lead generation is a necessary part of any high value product or service marketing plan. When you experience effective lead generation in action, what you get is the lifeblood of growing companies reaching new buyers, building enduring sales pipelines. However, despite its huge potential for building relationships, generating leads and boosting brand awareness, the telephone remains undervalued as a tool in B2B lead generation programmes. This ambivalence is sometimes the result of a lack of confidence in the discipline, or where a previous telemarketing project has failed due to a lack of consistency, or a lack of planning, or simply limited understanding about the power of the telephone.

At Blue Donkey, we know just how impressive telemarketing results can be – effective lead generation in action takes planning, skill, and meticulous control systems to achieve the results it’s capable of. If your company is considering running a B2B telemarketing campaign, or if you’re currently working on a telemarketing strategy, here are our top tips for taking that leap of faith.

  1. The dataset is key

In B2B lead generation, the dataset you use for your telemarketing campaign will have a big impact on your success metrics. A database that’s well-profiled and up to date will help your telemarketers to hit their goals quickly. If your data is out of date or inaccurate then it will need to be cleaned and appended with the right information as the project progresses. This won’t kill your campaign by any means as you will still find your lead generation process benefiting from the calls that do reach the right buyers, but it will impair the efficiency of your campaign, so you’ll need to make some additional time and cost allowances for this. On the other hand, your project will go on to deliver powerful outcomes and the improved data will serve to fuel your marketing machine for a long time to come.

  1. Benchmarks and metrics

A big part of creating a consistent telemarketing strategy is finding a way to measure performance. The more information you have about your team’s approach and their success rates, the easier it will be to create benchmarks and drive your team onto ever better results. Gathering metrics for how much B2B lead generation achieved key financial goals, will give you some excellent data to model and target your campaigns against. This insight will also help you make a financial case for the vital cost benefit returns when your stakeholders want to know how you propose to use precious marketing funds.

  1. Keep track of results

As soon as your telemarketing campaign gets underway, do always make a point of keeping track of vital information such as how many dials it takes to reach a decision maker, and how many conversations you need to have with a decision maker to generate something useful. Once you know this information, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how your message is received by its target market and how your telemarketers are performing against their objectives.

  1. Messaging

Another important thing to note is how many people are saying they’re not interested in the products or services you’re offering. If a high percentage of the people you call aren’t interested, it could mean your database needs adjusting or that your message needs a little attention. According to B2B lead generation communications experts Raincastle, branding is lead generation’s best-kept secret. And what is “messaging” if not the public face of your brand? When clients and prospects approach them about lead generation, they’re seeking a way to cut through the clutter of similar sounding competitors.

  1. Get something from every dial

B2B lead generation takes time and patience so even though we won’t achieve a sale on every call, we can aim to get an email address, permission to call again or the name of someone in the organisation that might be able to help. By getting something from every call, your telemarketers can widen the scope of your campaign and boost its long term impact.

As well as focusing on the all-important short term goals, it’s important to remember that one of the biggest benefits of telemarketing and B2B lead generation generally is the opportunity it offers to build long term relationships with potential clients. The telephone can be used to create and maintain these relationships, making it an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool. To find out more about intelligent telemarketing, B2B Lead generation and the impact it can have on sales, get in touch with a member of the Blue Donkey team today.

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