Effective telemarketing to BIG-up your brand

Effective telemarketing is all about brand building and growth. It generates sales, builds relationships with target buyers and creates the enduring voice of the company. It also has the advantage of allowing you to go to your customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you. As well as being a powerful sales tool, effective telemarketing is the perfect way to build your brand and reach new clients. You can pick up the phone today and find yourself face to face with a new buyer tomorrow. It’s also affordable and infinitely measurable – what’s not to like!

Reconnecting customers

Even if you do offer an outstanding service, and your innovation and quality management are all perfect: your customers can still forget who you are and why they use you over the competition. Most markets now are saturated at least to some extent, so differentiating your product or service is perhaps harder than ever. It’s possible your clients’ heads could be turned by competitors with more aggressive marketing strategies, causing a fall in sales and repeat orders.

Running regular effective telemarketing campaigns will help to ensure your brand stays at the forefront of your existing customers’ minds. Giving them a call every few months will help to keep the lines of communication open and ensure you are tuned-in to what’s important to them at that time, how their needs as a business might change, and what you need to do to stay relevant. Not only will this prevent your clients from turning to the competition, it will also help keep brand awareness high among one of your most crucial demographics.

Reach new customers

Unlike many marketing channels, B2B telemarketing puts the power firmly in your hands. You decide who to call, how to represent your brand and how to describe the benefits you’re offering. This makes the telephone unique among marketing tools. Placing you firmly in the driver’s seat, it means that – with a well targeted database and the right approach, you have the power to exponentially increase brand awareness and really get your name out there.

Put a face to your brand

Another benefit of using the telephone to build your brand is that it gives your company a face and a personality. Everything from the tone of voice you use, to the words you choose, will have an impact on how these potential customers view your brand. Get it right, and you could really make your company stand out while building a solid customer base for the future. According to Brand agency Underdog, in order to create incredible brand experiences, we need to see things from the unique customer perspective, on a personal level. B2B telemarketing allows us to engage buyers human to human and create emotional brands that not only get their audience to buy – but “buy-in”.


Unlike other forms of marketing, the telephone gives you the opportunity to answer customer questions instantly and specifically relate the answers to the individual customer’s needs. So if one of the businesses or individuals you call has a question about the products or services you offer, you can answer them and use the call to demonstrate how your product or service could benefit their situation and offer a solution to their needs. With email, direct mail campaigns, or social media posts, you would not get the chance to argue your case and help customers see how beneficial your company can be.

As the telephone offers an immediate and personal way of communicating with your target audience, it’s a great choice for businesses looking to grow their brand. To find out more about the power of the telephone, contact a member of our team today.

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