Help your B2B lead generation team stand out from the crowd

We all understand that how we come across is incredibly important in the world of business, and more particularly in B2B lead generation where we are trying to cultivate long and high-value relationships. If you get off on the right foot you might just create a professional relationship that will last a lifetime, get off on the wrong foot, however, and your liaison could be over before it’s even begun. Ensuring that your telemarketing team is making a good impression when they pick up the phone for your precious brand is therefore essential.

NO to scripts

Keeping a few notes and bullet points handy isn’t a problem, however, you should avoid having telemarketers follow a script. Reading text out word for word will instantly make a call sound robotic and boring. It’s disempowering and unfair on your staff too, why hire them if you don’t trust them to represent your business? At best you’ll keep staff but they’ll become apathetic and inefficient, at worst, the potential clients receiving your team’s calls will view your company as mundane and lose interest in what your telemarketers are offering. Not helpful to your B2B lead generation objectives, or your company’s long term success.

Telemarketers need to possess some natural communication skills and be familiar with and interested in the products and services their B2B lead generation is about. If they’re able to engage quickly and easily with the potential buyer and talk freely about your business and your company’s USP, they’ll be able to navigate past the gatekeeper and get a real, two-way conversation going without a script in sight.

Removing the notion of a scripted dialog also helps build skills and challenge your B2B lead generation team to step outside their comfort zone. According to Finance company Fleximise, challenging work can be a great motivator, as it keeps employees engaged and interested in their role. For many people, having to overcome some level of difficulty in their work is much more preferable to the boredom of an easy, unchallenging job.

It’s all in the targeting

The success of your B2B lead generation will largely depend on the effectiveness of the list you provide to your telemarketers. A well selected and profiled list will mean that every call your team makes has the propensity to convert to either a lead or the beginning of a worthwhile relationship. This is because the company size, type, geography and so on, have been specially selected to fit with the ‘ideal type’ prospect. In other words, the records in your target list should be homogeneous (or have similar needs) so your B2B lead generation team can connect the right messages to the appropriate buyer in a more knowledgeable way. This is great for morale and will help every telemarketer in your company to approach calls in a motivated and positive way.

If you have a poor quality call list, on the other hand, your team may strike out again and again with a low rate of success. As well as creating a negative atmosphere in the office, this can cause your team to become complacent and to reduce the amount of commitment they invest in each call.

Get excited!

Positivity is incredibly important when it comes to making good first impressions. Try to get your team motivated about your company, your products, and your services. Before they pick up the phone – or while they’re calling – have them think of five to ten of your key business benefits. This will help them to sound enthusiastic and passionate when the prospect answers, two things that can help to make a great first impression.

Smile & sit up straight

Two of the simplest ways to improve the way you come across on the phone are smiling and sitting up straight. Encourage your team to ‘smile as they dial’ so that the prospect hears the positivity in their voice the moment they answer the call. Sitting up straight will help your telemarketers to feel more awake and more alert.

Communication, not sales should be the focus

Although you want to see results from your B2B lead generation, it’s important that your team focuses on building relationships rather than just selling. If the main purpose of the call is sales, the decision maker may be put off, damaging your chances with the prospect for good. Encourage your team to see communication as the goal. If your telemarketers can create a good first impression, find out more about the company’s needs and arrange a time for a future meeting, it will help to produce long term results.

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