How a b2b lead generation agency copes with objections

No matter how good your product or service, there will be times when you’ll come across objections. For a b2b lead generation agency this is all in a day’s work. At Blue Donkey we know that the way we handle objections is likely to have a significant impact on our chances of success. So we’ve devised some methods to help steer calls through the tricky objection handling stage to the successful outcomes our client family love!

Get a grip

One of the keys to handling objections during a telemarketing call is to get to grips with the root of the objection. There are two kinds of objections generally, factual or emotional. One is based on a fact that isn’t accurate, the other a like or dislike.

With both types of objection, probe until you fully understand the issue. Show empathy, so you agree in theory but don’t agree with their conclusion. Then use a feature that either corrects their fact, or improves the likability. Check that they agree, and at this point the b2b lead generation agency would close for a meeting.

Take objections seriously

One of the keys to handling objections is to take them seriously. Simply brushing over them or skirting a question, will make you seem inattentive or evasive. It may also frustrate the person you’re speaking to, giving them a poor impression of you and your business and making them much less likely to work with you.

The b2b lead generation agency will always take objections seriously – no matter how small, or insignificant they may seem, and by doing so the efficiency in generating a steady flow of meetings will remain consistently high. Take the time to counter objections comprehensively by probing for the particular detail behind it and ensure you address the specific concerns one by one.

Sign of interest

Instead of seeing an objection as a sign the decision maker you’re talking to is pulling away from your call. A b2b lead generation agency will view objections as a sign of interest, and therefore a good thing. This is because a decision maker wouldn’t be raising objections if they weren’t curious so use the opportunity to expand on what you can offer and what makes you special. Try to keep a few relevant facts or statistics on hand to back up your arguments and convince your contact you’re the real deal.

Pecker up

When you come up against objections, it’s very important not to be disheartened. Occasionally you won’t be able to change the decision maker’s mind, no matter how hard you try. In these cases, it’s often best to chalk it up to experience, ask if you can contact them in the future and then move on to your next call. Remember, the more you come up against objections, the easier they’ll be to handle. This makes even the toughest call a great learning opportunity, giving you the chance to flex your persuasive powers and get your message across.

Where the big wins lift us for days or weeks, big setbacks in sales can often linger in our mind for weeks or even months. Resilience is a key characteristic of successful people, and according to Forbes, “Setbacks are a normal part of the path to success. Unless your role is to serve as a mindless cog in a wheel of predictable work, you will encounter setbacks – many of them – throughout your career”. By reminding yourself what’s special about your organisation and its products you can quickly recover your mojo and get back on the blower!

A large part of being a successful b2b lead generation agency is skill and experience. To find out more, contact a member of our team today.

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