How B2B lead generation companies use the phone to build brands

B2B lead generation companies know that unlike social media, advertising, or events, telemarketing has the advantage that it allows you to reach potential clients direct, instead of waiting for them to come to you. As well as making the telephone a powerful sales tool, this also makes it the perfect way to build your brand and reach a whole new customer base. Instant, affordable, and effective – the telephone and brand building go hand in hand.

Reminding existing customers

Even if you offer an outstanding product or service, your company name can sometimes slip the mind of your existing customers. If you’re involved in an industry that’s especially competitive, it’s possible your clients’ heads could be turned by competitors with more aggressive marketing strategies. This could cause a drop in sales and a drop in return custom. Regular telemarketing campaigns will help to ensure your brand stays at the forefront of your existing customers’ minds. B2B lead generation companies are often employed for customer service projects designed to gently call a client base every few months to keep the lines of communication open and prevent your clients from turning to your competitors and keep brand awareness high. These calls are also a great opportunity to ask questions about your client’s business, their needs, and plans moving forward, taking the time to refresh your mind about the client’s brand and goals as well as reminding them about yours.

Prospecting for new customers

When using the telephone, the power is in your hands. You decide who to call, how to represent your brand, and how to exploit the unique benefits and differentiators you offer. This makes the telephone unique among marketing tools. Placing you firmly in the driver’s seat, it means that – with the right database and the right approach, you have the power to exponentially increase brand awareness and get under the skin of your best prospects. Another benefit of using the telephone to build your brand is that it gives your company a face and a personality. Everything B2B lead generation companies do from the tone of voice they use to the words chosen will have an impact on how prospects view a brand. Experts at hubspot suggest treating your brand as a person and defining your narrative are the first steps to giving your brand a personality. The next step would be infusing this personality into your marketing efforts.

The words you use and the sentiments you express are all part of this process, so whilst having an individual personality in telemarketing is great, this should always reflect the values of your brand foremost.

Answer queries

Unlike other forms of marketing, the telephone gives you the opportunity to answer customer queries instantly. So, if one of the decision makers you call has a question about the services you offer, you can answer them immediately and use the call to demonstrate to them how your product or service could meet their needs. As the telephone offers an immediate and personal way of communicating with your target audience, it’s a great choice for businesses looking to grow their brand. To find out more about the power of the telephone, contact a member of our team today.

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