ow lead generation companies find the right Mr Right

Have you ever wondered why lead generation companies spend so much time obsessing over gatekeeper skills? If you use the telephone for new business, you’ll know only too well that getting past the gatekeeper or receptionist and finding the right decision maker is pretty mission critical. For lead generation companies this competence is one that can make or break a project or even a business. In our 22 years we’ve discovered that determining the right Mr. Right isn’t always a clear-cut thing. Read on to find out more.

Mr. Right

For lead generation companies to perform consistently, they have to be good at qualifying the right names at reception level. Call after call they must ferret out new items of information, and new influencers or decision makers. As most lead generation companies will have a large number of retained projects, they’ll be concerned with building a long-term pipeline of names, as well as those required to secure the objectives for that week or that month. Questions used for calls at reception level will have a large bearing on the success of the whole cycle of telemarketing, or even the whole marketing cycle, because if the wrong names go in, the entire marketing cycle will be impaired. Asking who is the person responsible for/in charge of / or who makes decisions about, rather than asking for the person who ‘deals with’, will help guard against spending time and wasted calls trying to reach the wrong Mr. Right.

Mr. Right-Now

At Blue Donkey finding Mr. Right, Mrs. Right or Ms. Right is very close to our hearts. Occasionally we find stakeholders that are helpful to our purpose because they are involved in the buying process in some way, for example, they may be end users of a product or service, they could be in the procurement division, they might be part of a broader function such as operations. These folk need to be engaged, and convinced, they form part of the process so they are effectively Mr. Right-Now. They’re affected indirectly but don’t have chief decision-making responsibility. The notion of a ‘decision making unit’ is quite an interesting one. Some organisations simply don’t have single decision makers they have a number of people who perform different functions. Often lead generation companies may need to speak to one, some, most or all of them in order to onboard them. The reality is, your competition probably won’t have the patience to see this through, so it’s worth the extra time and effort.

Mr. Right-Then

Once won, these organisational stakeholders or groups are often customers for life. Most lead generation companies don’t have 22 years under their belt, some never will. This is simply because having too much of an eye on today’s goals can sometimes obscure the future. For a small family business like Blue Donkey, over our 22 years, we’ve seen the value our strong connections and friendships bring. It’s not unusual for our client friends to return through several career moves. They trust us to deliver a dedicated service they can rely on to achieve their organisational and career goals, and in doing so we achieve ours. If you’ve developed a strong bond as a supplier, a colleague, or partner, chances are, you’ll be called upon again. So past customers are also fantastic prospects.

More than that, it’s great to work with people you consider part of your professional family. You already have trust, and belief in each other. Experts at Forbes explain that keeping clients for life takes high emotional intelligence. They add “don’t tell me business isn’t personal, and I won’t tell you finance is void of emotion. It’s okay to let the authentic, relatable human creep in. That’s when stuff gets real and relationships blossom.”

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