How telesales companies grow relationships

Telesales companies like Blue Donkey, use the phone to reach new potential buyers. They create a well profiled list of appropriate companies, find the most senior decision maker, learn everything that’s compelling about the product or service offered, and then they use this to engage in a positive, intelligent way.

Nurturing new relationships is an important part of survival and growth. The best telesales companies put time and resources into growing business relationships that their clients rely on, to get new sales, generate brand awareness, and improve corporate image. This empowers companies to grow, boost revenue, and achieve their business goals.

First impressions last

The basis of good business relationships is often a strong first impression. The initial contact between a company and a prospect should be friendly, insightful, and professional. This helps build credibility and trust from the get go. Good first impressions whether they’re from professional telesales companies on a client’s behalf, or from an in-house sales team, will help potential customers become more inclined to work with them.


In most cases, prospects will want to know more about a business, its products, and services before agreeing to meet or transact. After the initial contact, telesales companies will carefully qualify the lead. They’ll ask intelligent questions and provide information according to the buyer’s answers to the questions. It’s important not to use a prescribed ‘patter’. The caller should be building a free fall dialog based on what the buyer says.

At this stage, telesales companies answer questions and deal with objections. For them, this conversation is an important part of growing a business relationship as it offers telemarketers the opportunity to build rapport and demonstrate understanding.

By uncovering the specific needs and requirements of the business they can gently probe what’s important, and provide information that’s robust. This needs to be capable of not only generating a sales lead but one that’s concrete enough to have a good chance of success when the lead is passed to the client.


Once a prospect has turned into a customer and has begun buying from a business, it’s up to that business to ensure they’re meeting their clients’ needs. The most effective way to do this is to develop clear and convenient lines of communication. If customers know that they can contact a business with a query and that the business will be friendly and informative, it will aid in growing the relationship and building trust between the client and the business. Telesales companies like Blue Donkey will provide a seamless service for inbound or outbound customer service. This will ensure that by maintaining communication, the trust they fought hard to win is nurtured to create lasting and personal relationships.

Customers for life

The notion of the job for life has been superseded by the customer for life. Social media, and the advent of LinkedIn among others, increasingly means that for professional sales people, it’s quite possible to take customers with them as they move through their careers.

This fabulously entrepreneurial feature of our work lives means that investing in excellent relationships has lifelong payback, both personally and commercially. After all, it’s a privilege to work with people you care about. Accomplished telesales companies begin with that very goal in mind from the first dial.

According to Forbes, “If you can turn a one time buyer into a life-time customer, six things happen and all of them are good”. Your sales go up. The competition is hurt. Customers stay longer. Loyalty builds a barrier to competition. You can get customers to buy more. You get better margins.

Every telemarketing call is an opportunity to nurture the relationship between a business and its customers. This will help buyers to feel invested in the brand and valued by their supplier. Find out more about one of the best telesales companies around, talk to a member of Blue Donkey’s expert team today.

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