How to make lead generation telemarketing more compelling

Lead generation telemarketing can be a tough gig if you’re not confident about your knowledge or skills using the telephone. Despite being one of the most important skills in business, ‘telemarketing’ – which is basically just using a telephone to speak with potential buyers, is one of the most unappealing and shunned jobs around. The arrival of diallers and robocalls over the past couple of decades did much to undermine the task of cold calling, and in fact, destabilise the whole telemarketing industry in putting volume over quality.

Just a phone

Legislation such as TPS has helped regulate and control the behaviour of operators who frankly didn’t care about the person on the receiving end of bad calls. Such organisations have, by and large, been eradicated. Fortunately, once again we’re returning to a place where the phone is just a phone. It’s a good guy. It’s a communication device, and only as good or bad as the skills and intension of the person using it. The telephone will always have an important role in marketing and business generally because it’s effective when done well. So thankfully, lead generation telemarketing has a great future, but getting it right is key.

How professionals do lead generation telemarketing

Throughout a call, the lead generation telemarketing agency will be working to build a compelling case for a product or service. Whatever the ultimate objective of a call, one basic rule applies. The more intelligent and informative the interaction is, the more likely it is that a lead will be successfully achieved. Taking the time to get under the skin of each and every client brief is one of the key success factors for an external lead generation telemarketing supplier but the rules of the game are the same for everyone.


Knowing why the client business is special, by asking the right questions, builds a case that’s compelling and rich. So the calls created are in turn also compelling and rich. The briefing process will help build a broad picture of the company and its strengths, their differentiators, USPs, the values and mission of the business and its stakeholders. All count towards creating a mosaic of features and benefits to be used on the phone. Such detail is critical for calls loaded with knowledge and excitement, so the person making the call is able to produce a narrative that peppers the buyer with great reasons to engage.

According to Biz Journals good differentiation helps professionals outperform their peers. “When I talk with salespeople about one of the most critical skills they must master to be in the top one percent of all salespeople, it’s this one skill: Helping buyers think differently about the solutions they have or could have.”

Every call is the only call

While the temptation might be to try and throw all this rich information at every potential buyer on every call, that’s not helpful. Lead generation telemarketing will impress a buyer only if the call they receive sounds and feels like the only call you made that day. In fact, it IS the only call. Every time you reach a particular company or buyer, it’s the only call you’ve had with them that day. A call will resonate well, and capture attention when it feels and sounds unique.

Seeing a person in your mind’s eye will help. So will sitting up straight, working away from distraction, and remembering to breathe! When people are nervous, they often don’t take enough breaths.

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