How to make your telemarketing dazzle Telemarketing isn’t an exact science. Success is made up of many interrelating attributes and skills. To get consistent results you need a regular cycle of routines and habits, from asking great questions, to handling resistance. For an outsourced provider like Blue Donkey, information metrics give us up to the minute data, at the touch of a button, regularly throughout the day. So for us, measurement is key, and tech provides that beautifully in the form of different systems and control levers. We also need techniques, feedback loops, support frameworks, sophisticated quality management, and data.

Audaciously you

The good news is you don’t need systems or processes to turn your telephone into a lead generation machine. You just need a passion for your business, unrelenting energy, and some good old fashioned hutzpah! In fact, according to Forbes magazine, we are living in a new era dominated by millennial hoodie-and-Converse-wearing billionaires, a world in which a staggering rate of change and disruptive innovation is the order of the day. Old-fashioned charisma is no longer enough to get attention, get ahead, or get the job anymore. Now, it’s those with the fearlessness to go after what they want and the audacity to do it how they want who are making their mark and changing the world.

Self analysis

We are all empowered to decide what we want and to go get it. The telephone is the perfect facilitator because it’s instant, cheap, and everyone has one on their desk or in their back pocket. With a bit of imagination, we can pick up the phone to someone who matters and present ourselves, how they want to see us. By assessing our own strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to constantly improve the armoury of weapons we use to win over people’s hearts and minds. So let’s look at some of the common barriers to achievement, and devise a plan to overcome them.

Measure twice, cut once

If you find yourself saying ‘my results can be inconsistent’, ‘I’m unorganised’, ‘I find it hard to concentrate sometimes’ you need to consider measuring your output. Set yourself benchmarks and goals. The Russian proverb ‘measure twice, cut once’ comes to mind here. Care taken in preparation will prevent failure, so set the right goals, to begin with.

Smart goals are the best kind. These are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. And break your goals down per hour, not per day or per week. You can correct a bad hour where you may struggle to correct a bad day or week. An example of a smart goal is ‘I’m going to reach 2 decision makers each hour’. When you’ve set your goals, make sure to keep a note of your progress. The more you achieve it the better you’ll feel and the more fertile your calls will become. If you feel good about your work, it will come out in your voice.

Who Dares Wins

If you site your lack of performance as any of the following, think about creating a mind map. ‘My product knowledge isn’t good enough’, ‘people don’t want to talk to me’, ‘I like to send an email before I call’, ‘my data’s bad’. All of these barriers to success are related to a lack of confidence.  Who Dares Wins is emblazoned across the Special Air Service’s crest which features sword-bearing angel wings. The idea behind the motto is that if one has the courage and audacity to take risks, that person will succeed in life.

Make a mind map, diagram, or a simple list of points about what makes your business special. What do you do that makes a difference? How can you change a company’s prospects? How do you help a business overcome a problem, or maximise an opportunity? The answer to these questions will help spruce up your thinking, so you’re clearer about what you’ve got to offer. All you need to do is pick up the phone!

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