IIP standard-setting for B2B Telemarketing Agencies

So who ever said they want to be in telemarketing when they grow up? Not many of us probably, it’s a tough gig, hard work and relentless. But if you need to be challenged, and you want to use your brain, if you enjoy the sheer diligence of speaking to decision makers with diverse business interests all day every day, there’s nothing to beat B2B telemarketing, provided you choose the right company. Therein lies the rub – how do you know? Whether its telemarketing or something entirely different, finding the right employer, that sets itself apart as a people business is not always easy.

Investors in People, or IIP, is a popular quality standard used for excellence across people management. It’s a recognised accreditation system, across 75 different countries that highlight organisations who embrace and champion high standards for the development of their most valuable assets, their people. Established over 28 years ago as a government project, IIP set out to help companies achieve differentiated service quality, something that’s especially valuable for industries like B2B telemarketing where competition is high. Now an independent not for profit organisation IIP has already helped thousands of companies raise their game to become more competitive in their respective markets.

From a people perspective, a key benefit of gaining IIP accreditation is that it helps to attract the best quality B2B telemarketing talent since most of us would choose to work in an organisation that cared about its people, enough to invest in systems, processes and feedback models designed around the needs of its workforce. Indeed, a company that takes pride in its people will deliver a sense of pride to its customers and market. For companies that have IIP accreditation, there are a number of different initiatives that bring together employees from different functions of the business, with the objective of making work more enjoyable and satisfying for staff. It’s also widely accepted that happy staff makes happy customers so not only does IIP build a cohesive and productive workforce, it helps create a business that customers want to be a part of too.

IIP standards

The Investors in People standard is based on three core areas: leading, supporting and improving. Each of these categories is then further divided into subsections, giving business leaders a clear framework on which to build. As companies work to incorporate the specific ideas and criteria of the IIP standard into their business practices, they will receive accreditation from the governing organisation. The highest level of accreditation is Platinum followed by Gold and then Silver.


The ‘leading’ element of the IIP standard is divided into three areas: leading and inspiring, living the organisation’s values and empowering and involving people. Where the organisation is in B2B telemarketing or something entirely different, incorporating these ideas into a company’s everyday operations will help the leadership to make the organisation’s objectives clear, inspire their workforce to deliver and create a culture of trust within the organisation.


Creating a supportive environment is essential for businesses that want to get the best from their workforce. The IIP standard outlines three core areas that are key to achieving excellence in the area: managing performance, recognising and rewarding high performance and structuring work. When workers feel supported, they’re much more likely to commit to an organisation, come up with innovative ideas and work effectively with other members of their team.


As all successful business leaders will know, organisations that want to succeed and to grow need to be constantly looking for ways to improve. Within the IIP standard, improving is divided into building capability, delivering continuous improvement and creating sustainable success. Creating a culture in which constant improvement is expected and encouraged is essential for businesses that want to achieve their potential.

IIP standards and your workforce

The IIP standard gives organisations a clear and practical framework on which to build their management structure. Employing these standards, and working to reach the highest possible level of accreditation, can help companies of all sizes to boost morale, get the very best from their employees and build a workforce to be proud of.

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