Investors Lists

Investing can be the most significant decision in one’s life.  We have the capability to understand the type of investor you want to reach.  Whether you want to target a saver, speculator, or specialist, we will help you maximize your marketing.

Globally, RBS Data houses over 350 Million investors.  Below gives you insight into which investor meets your needs.

Savers are individuals who spend most of their life growing their Nest Egg. These could be:

• Mutual Fund Owners • Annuities
• CD Owners • IRAs
• Saving Accounts • Roth IRAs
• Bonds • 401Ks

A Speculator is an individual looking to take control of their investments. These might be:

• Entrepreneurs • Venture Capitalist
• Emerging Market Investors • Oil/Gas
• Real Estate Investors • Futures
• Stocks

A Specialist Investor uses education and experience to drive results. These could be:

• Money Markets • Bonds
• International Trade • Real Estate


  • New Business

  • C-Level Executives

  • Industry (SIC Code)

  • Sales Volume

  • Employee Size

  • Fleet Size

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • Credit Rating

  • Year established

  • Franchise

  • Headquarters

  • Subsidiary

  • Website

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Title

  • Lawsuits

  • Bankruptcy