Is it time to STOP opening B2B Telemarketing calls Happy New Year

At the right time of year, opening B2B telemarketing calls with the phrase ‘Happy New Year’ is a great way to set a positive tone for your conversation. Unlike the many religious festivals and events that take place over the same period, New Year is pretty much universal so applies to anyone.

However, as a lot of telemarketers begin their calls with ‘Happy New Year’ around this time, people can get bored of hearing it fast. And in fact, if you persevere with the opener for too long, you could end up irritating people rather than disarming them. So, when exactly is the right time to stop wishing everyone a happy New Year? And should you set your telemarketing team a clear cut-off point?

First week back in the office

The first week back in the office in January is generally an acceptable time to begin every call by wishing the prospect a happy New Year. Most people will be speaking to colleagues, telemarketers and B2B contacts for the first time since before Christmas so it won’t come as a surprise if they’re wished a happy New Year several times a day.

According to a poll carried out by Cambridge News, 22% of people stop using the phrase after the 1st January. Luckily for telemarketers, however, the same study found that a whopping 63% of people continue to wish colleagues, friends and B2B contacts a happy New Year until the end of the first week of the month.

Into January and beyond

The Cambridge News poll found that just 15% of people believe it’s appropriate to drag New Year pleasantries out for the whole of January. Most people will have done their fair share of well-wishing by the middle of the month and some may find the phrase a little jarring as January draws to a close.

In fact, wishing prospects and contacts a happy New Year long after the celebrations are done and dusted can make your telemarketers seem like they’re trying a little too hard to be friendly. It could also give decision makers and gatekeepers the impression that they’re low on ideas or poor innovators.

Getting it right

If you want to ensure your team gets their calls off on the right foot and doesn’t irritate anyone with their New Year greetings, it’s important to train them in effective and productive opening techniques. If they’re able to tackle a range of situations, they won’t have to rely on clichés and will be able to use seasonal greetings only when they’re really appropriate.

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