Make a positive impression with telemarketing

A telemarketing campaign can sometimes be the first contact between a company and a potential buyer. So the tone, messaging, and success of the telemarketing call may well shape the relationship between a brand and its customer base long in to the future. So, telemarketers need to start things off on the right foot.

Getting things right on the phone can feel intimidating, especially for inexperienced cold callers. Being unable to see a person, read their body language or their expressions can be a barrier to success. As a result, people often become so consumed by nerves, pressure, or blindsided by thoughts about what to say next, that they forget to actually tune-in to what their prospect needs. Over our 22 years at Blue Donkey, we’ve developed some simple strategies that will help make your calls flow beautifully.

Paint on your best smile

It’s absolutely true that smiling when you’re on the phone makes a difference to the quality of your call. In fact, if there’s only one thing you can do to perform better instantly, it’s a smile. There’s some good science behind this too! According to experts “Each time you smile your brain feels really happy. … When a smile flashes across your face; dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released into your bloodstream, making not only your body relax but also work to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Smiling activates the release of feel-good-messengers that work towards fighting stress”.

A smile not only makes you feel better, it improves your professional state. So, you’re more relaxed about asking questions and you have the headspace to listen and respond sensitively to answers. Furthermore (this is a biggie) you sound nicer; more cheerful, charismatic, and confident to the person receiving your calls.

Have the customer at heart

Telemarketing calls should be all about the customer. By placing them at the heart of the call, their needs and priorities can be probed with intelligent questions that draw them into a call quickly and effectively. Getting buyers talking is an excellent method for creating a positive impression because it puts them in the driver seat straight away. Once a buyer’s needs are explored and discussed, the telemarketer can begin to explain the features and benefits that can help them.

Sensitive targeting

Telemarketing works best when it’s built around an appropriately qualified target list, and designed to solve certain problems or exploit particular opportunities. It should never be a situation where anyone, anywhere is targeted. Where telemarketing teams reach the right buyers and show they value them, and are keen to meet their needs, a campaign will be a success. This strategy also provides telemarketers with the perfect opportunity to find out more and to handle any objections or questions the potential customer might have. By approaching calls in this way, telemarketers can create a positive first impression, build the foundations of a solid relationship, and get a real two-way conversation going.

People like to do business with people they like

As most professionals know, people do business with people they like. If telemarketers can create a positive impression, it will reflect well on the brand and make it more likely the prospect will do business with the telemarketer’s company. By being positive, compelling, and informative throughout a call, and by ensuring the call doesn’t become too pushy, telemarketing can help a brand to grow.

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