Consumer List

RBS Data houses over 260 Million consumer records. These consumer records can be targeted through direct mail, telemarketing, email and text messaging. We bring value to our lists by updating our databases monthly to ensure accuracy.

Business List

The business environment changes daily. Now more than ever it is crucial to identify accurate business lists. With over 14.5 Million businesses, RBS Data is your source for accurate, reliable, and fresh business information. The business database can be targeted through direct mail, telemarketing, or email. We bring value to our lists by updating our databases monthly to ensure accuracy.

Ailment List

Targeted Ailment lists are one of the most difficult to compile. RBS Data has over 180 million consumers with ailments. These consumers are identified through self reported information in the form of smart surveys or interviews.


Over 80% For Sale By Owners Will Eventually List With A Full Serviced Agent?  Will It Be You?

Spending the time to locate For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads is time consuming. Once a FSBO lead is located, the advertisement or yard sign may not provide enough information to mail, or be in a suitable format for efficient calling.

Auto List

RBS Data is a leader in providing accurate automotive information. With over 95 Million records, we have the ability to target most vehicle owners. We update this database monthly to ensure the best quality and eliminate inaccuracies.

With the uncertainty of Chrysler, GM and other auto leaders, it is essential to have a fresh database.  Let RBS Data be your resource in identifying automobile information for your marketing campaign.

Ethnic List

In today’s society, we have evolved into a global market place.  Ethnic lists allow you to target individuals, businesses, and segments from around the world.  RBS Data partners with our clients to help grow their business across all cultures.

Speciality List

Specialty Lists can be a key ingredient to a successful marketing campaign. These databases allow our clients to target unique demographics that help achieve their marketing goals.

Investors List

Investing can be the most significant decision in one’s life.  We have the capability to understand the type of investor you want to reach.  Whether you want to target a saver, speculator, or specialist, we will help you maximize your marketing.

Insurance List

RBS Data strives to be a leader in Insurance and Financial leads.  Our goal is to maximize response rates by allowing our clients to reach their targeted prospects.