Meeting needs in B2B lead generation

It probably goes without saying that buyers are important to every company. Understanding and meeting their needs is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of sustainable business, especially now when most markets will have some level of saturation. Only those organisations that can get to the heart of what their customers want, will survive the often aggressive market forces trying to steal their revenues away. In turn, by continually working to improve buyer experience and meet customer needs, companies can grow their market share and ensure their customer base is as loyal as possible. To help organisations get the most from customer relationships, we’re sharing our most important insights on meeting buyer needs.


One thing that’s crucial to meeting buyers’ needs is good communication. Buyers want to know that they can speak to someone directly when they’re buying, or when they have queries. What’s more, good communication will help to develop your relationship with your customers – give them a good impression of your company and help give your business a personality.

To ensure your company is able to communicate efficiently, your inbound call handling needs to be just as good as your outbound telemarketing. No matter if you’re getting 5 or 1,000 calls – your team needs to be able to answer them all consistently, but treat each call individually. For example, calls should always be answered within 3 rings, customers should be asked what they would like (as opposed to being told what will happen) and companies should be prepared to flex around an individual’s needs. If your company doesn’t have the resources to handle the volume of calls you receive, it may be worth investing in a third party company to manage your inbound communications or simply take overflow calls, but do insure your brand is communicated to the same high standard.


When buyers have a query or a complaint, they want to know that the information they receive is accurate and reliable. The better trained your staff are and the more familiar they are with the service you offer, the more likely it is they’ll be able to offer customers the information they need. If you don’t feel like your team is currently able to offer the standard of service you’d like, it’s well worth investing in extra training to bring them up to standard.

Happy makes happy

Many workplace experts and academics have found an important link between the notion of External customer satisfaction and Internal customer satisfaction. They maintain that where Internal customers (they mean your staff) are happy and engaged, External customers will be better served and therefore happy. According to analysts Emerald Insight “In the Eighties, U.S. business learned important new skills for identifying and satisfying external customers. Inevitably, this experience led to a recognition that the needs of internal work processes and internal customers were critical to external service delivery.”

Know your buyers

The better you know your buyers, the more able you’ll be to meet their needs and offer them the service they really want. As far as it’s possible to do so, try to familiarise yourself with their buying process, their business requirements and their industries. If you have the time and the resources, talk to your existing customers about how you can improve your service and how you can make their lives easier. Commissioning Market Research by professional researchers like Blue Donkey will provide you with a detailed analysis of what your clients or customers consider your strengths and weaknesses, and their unique experiences of your brand.  By making your company as customer-focused as possible, you can help to make your company one of the most attractive and approachable around.

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