Persuasion techniques used for appointment setting services

Appointment setting services need to efficiently and effectively engage target buyers with a message that’s persuasive enough for them to accept a meeting as the next step. Not only do they need to accept the meeting, they need to actually ‘want’ it because they perceive the opportunity as valuable and real. For anyone using the telephone to set appointments, the practices and skills nurtured by providers of appointment setting services can be extremely valuable.

If you’re in a professional sales function, persuasion is one of the most powerful tools you can have. From the moment you pick up a phone you’re trying to persuade gatekeepers that you should be allowed through. Then you’re persuading decision makers you have something worthwhile to discuss. From our 22 years providing appointment setting services, we’ve put together a few of our favourite gentle, but powerful, persuasion techniques.

Product knowledge

Potential clients will take a telemarketer seriously if they can demonstrate good knowledge of the product and market they are working with. The better you know your business, the easier it will be to answer questions with dexterity and to counter objections the decision maker you’re speaking to may have. As well as enabling you to present an informed argument, knowing your product really well, and understanding how it fits into your competitive backdrop will make your call much more compelling. Not only will this give the decision maker more confidence in you and your business, it will help create value in your argument as a potential supply partner.

Meaningful work

Make a list of the 10 key things that are special about your product or service. Learn them and live them. Throw your list away and start again from time to time to keep your message fresh and vibrant. Being clear and confident with your product or service will help build pride and a sense of meaning in your work. These things are taking centre stage more than ever since we now demand more than just payment in exchange for our labours. Satisfaction is increasingly becoming a basic need, rather than a nice to have in the workplace. Pride and satisfaction in our work is also one of the best ways to be persuasive about the value your business represents to buyers so it’s a win-win all round.


Positivity can be very compelling. Appointment setting services train their staff to understand the difference between one product and its competition by breaking things up into ‘benefits’. A benefit in business is anything that’s associated with time, effort, money, or security. Without these things, it is unlikely a decision maker will buy. By contrast, as consumers, we often buy things just because we like them. And because you can’t have too many shoes!

If you’re passionate about the products or services you represent, and you know the precise benefits they deliver better than the competition, it will come across in your voice and help to gently persuade the decision maker into working with you.

Listening skills

Though most persuasion techniques rely on how well your appointment setting services present their argument, the way they organise and gather feedback can help. Instead of diving into a call with your pitch, use open questions to understand the needs of your buyer and their business. Then by using benefits and features, you can illustrate how you meet those needs.

Only when you’ve allowed the potential buyer to tell you how they do things currently, can you begin matching what you have that meets with their needs. Remember that listening is an active task. It’s also hard to listen actively when you’re nervous, as you may be too distracted by your own thoughts to hear the sometimes subtle nuances being sent your way. Visualising a person in your mind, and being away from distraction will help, as will tuning into their tone of voice, as well as the content.


Appointment setting services often use examples and flagship client stories to illustrate how a particular product or service performed for another business – often one that’s similar to the situation presented by the decision maker you’re speaking with. Storytelling has become more popular in sales as it presents selective information in a way that relevant and engaging.

According to sales productivity experts Yesware, neuroeconomists ran a series of tests to understand the effects of storytelling. Amazingly, they reported that people have higher levels of a trust hormone afterward. Called ‘oxytocin’ this hormone promotes feelings of connection and empathy.


Summarising the benefits and features of your product or service at the end of your call can help iron out any lurking objections. Appointment setting services rely on this final safety net to ensure the buyer understands the details of a meeting. It’s also a useful opportunity to jump through the hoops of best practice for data sharing and GDPR. In your summary, reiterate the benefits you can deliver, and where and when the meeting will take place. If you’ve tailored your argument correctly, this summary should remove any last shadows of doubt.

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