Quality management frameworks to help the telemarketing company excel

For any business, performance is important. For the telemarketing company to achieve recognition in its market, it has to achieve better outcomes than clients could themselves. Not only does the achievement have to outperform the client, it has to do so in a way that underpins the very best practice. So databases, training, systems, and all customer touchpoints must be adding value in some tangible way.

It’s not just about picking up the phone

In the old days anyone could set up as a telemarketing provider. All you needed was a phone and a bit of pluck. Nowadays to survive, the telemarketing company needs a whole range of systems and processes for the making and taking of calls. Everything from processing data, to the transparent and seamless flow of information. For the client, the calls have to be special. And it needs to feel like the service is happening in the next room.

Blue Donkey is heavily subscribed to the notion that recognised quality frameworks and standards are the only way a small family business can compete. Having enjoyed both ISO:9001 and IIP for over 15 years, Blue Donkey has become the telemarketing company that blue chips come to because they know their precious brand is safe in our hands.

Quality management system

One way to demonstrate an unswerving commitment to quality is to have a formal quality management system (QMS). Coined in 1991 by British management consultant Ken Croucher, the term ‘Quality Management Systems’ refers to an organisation’s formalised approach to maintaining high standards of practice.

An effective QMS has to touch every single part of a business. It’s a set of policies, processes, and procedures required for the planning and execution of each core function of the telemarketing company. Anything that can impact the organisation’s ability to meet its service promises is analysed and documented. This then becomes the bible by which everything is done, measured, and reported.

A robust QMS is the best way for a company to demonstrate excellence across all areas of its business. One of its key benefits for the telemarketing company is that by developing a quality management system that everyone lives by, the organisation can define what exactly it is that makes it stand out from the crowd.


ISO 9001 is probably the best known QMS around at the moment. An internationally recognised quality management system, it’s based on eight quality management principles. These principles cover all areas of management including customer focus, leadership, continual improvement, mutually beneficial supplier relationships, and fact-based decision making. By adhering to these principles, businesses can ensure they’re constantly improving and driving standards ever higher.


Defining a QMS can also help business leaders to focus on their company as a whole. This means they can move the entire organisation forward with all staff and stakeholders fully engaged and committed to the picture of excellence, as standard. According to the British Assessment Bureau, “Companies and organisations are now expected to prove competency across an increasing number of disciplines in order to win contracts in both the private and public sectors. A quality management system (QMS) is one of the best ways of reassuring potential clients that you can meet their projects aims and objectives”

Investors In People

The Investors in People standard (IIP) is a framework for improving business performance, and competitiveness through a company’s people. It’s ideal for the telemarketing company because it’s a planned approach to setting and goals and developing people to meet those goals. IIP is essentially a standard for people management. It provides recognition that an organisation cares about staff, links people’s welfare with performance, and customer satisfaction.

Companies that are awarded IIP are those with the highest commitment to improving and supporting their teams towards better performance. The telemarketing company adopting this standard will understand only too well, that to realise tough client objectives, the management, and development of staff is a critical success factor.

Externally audited

One of the most reassuring aspects for clients using an ISO:9001 and IIP B2B telemarketing agency like Blue Donkey, is that the business is audited annually by an external awarding body. These are independent, third party professionals who perform an impartial review of the telemarketing company. This quality audit is a process of systematic examination of a quality system to determine if the organisation complies with the defined quality system processes. This process involves a great level of detail and strictly follows international accreditation standards.

To learn more about how quality management has made Blue Donkey the telemarketing company that gets results, speak with one of our team today.

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