Reception techniques used by market research companies

Moving past the receptionist to reach a decision maker is a key skill market research companies need to master. It’s one of the first things trainees are faced with. And while they may spend hours learning the techniques, anyone can do it. Firstly, it’s really important to understand that no method works all the time. Sometimes you do just have to be patient, and willing to keep trying. However, if you find yourself getting frustrated with receptionists, or gatekeepers as they’re often known, read on. Learning a few practical tips and techniques used by telemarketers and market research companies will get you racing past receptionists.

Mind your tone

Trying to get past a receptionist can be frustrating. However, it’s important you don’t allow your emotions to come across in the manner or your voice. Sometimes, quite unwittingly, our voices betray how we feel, if we’re impatient it may well seep into our tone. Even the mildest of people can say something on the phone that somehow creates a sense of impatience or frustration. It’s not necessarily in the words we use, it’s often just an underlying tenor or hint in the voice. This serves only to alienate the receptionist and make the job of market research companies harder than necessary.

If we were receptionists, nobody would get past us

No one goes to work to do a bad job. The receptionist is legitimately carrying out their brief. At Blue Donkey, we’re a conscientious bunch, we aim to be one of the best market research companies around. So, to be fair, if we were receptionists rather than telemarketers or researchers, of course, nobody would get past us! And if we did choose to put someone through, they’d be the ones we warm to. So instead of getting cross, use positive energy, a bright, cheery smile, and all the kindness you can muster. It’s natural for humans to mirror each other, so this habit will help you bring the receptionist onside with positivity.

Visualisation techniques

Telemarketing and market research companies talk a lot about visualisation. This is when you imagine a person in your mind and speak with them. You expect your interaction to go well, and your voice carries that pattern of energy and enthusiasm you’d have face-to-face. Visualising an actual person in your mind’s eye will help you remove the barriers that the telephone places on human contact. Because we’re used to using all five senses as a means of communication, having just two can change our behaviours. We can all become cold and unfeeling if we’re under pressure and unable to read the face or body language of someone. Seeing them in your mind will artificially replace some of the senses you lose on the phone. It will help us stay calm, focused, and professional, and engineer the outcomes we need.

There’s a lot of good science around visualisation techniques now. They can help with everything from relaxation, mindfulness, to workplace performance. It can help with career challenges like staying calm on the phone or big things like putting on a presentation. According to Headspace, visualization, on its own, involves picturing in your mind the outcome of something before it’s happened, whether that’s a task or opportunity at hand — such as getting on stage to speak before a large audience — or a sport about to be played. Visualization gained popularity in the 1980s when the Russians began using the technique to excel in sports following the 1984 Olympics.

Confidence is infectious

When people come across as confident and authoritative, receptionists are more likely to put them through to a decision maker. If you’re nervous or fixed in the mindset of ‘they won’t want to take my call’ it will come across. Your voice will sound weak, you’ll seem to lack confidence, and you’ll be blocked from speaking with decision makers. Sometimes you just have to pull on your big boy pants and go for it.

Be bold, have courage, remember you’ve something really special to offer, channel your inner Richard Branson, and be heard. If you come across as apologetic, subservient, or bored guess what will happen. Even when you don’t feel confident, take a deep breath, and pick up the phone. Even seasoned telemarketers and market research companies sometimes have to smile as they dial and focus on the bigger picture.

Siting up straight will help your voice sound clearer and more compelling. Be free of distractions so you can concentrate. Market research companies are gathering important information, a moment’s lapse can cause their outcomes to change. Being clear and purposeful about the call objective, checking spellings phonetically, and repeating back information all aid successful reception handling.

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