Simple B2B appointment setting

B2B appointment setting will be more important than ever in the weeks and months to come as the world moves out of lockdown and into recovery mode. Whether your appointments are virtual or in the same room as your prospective clients the same basic guidelines apply to your calls.

No place for a nerd

No matter how impressive your products or services are, your B2B appointment setting will work best when you avoid complex, wordy descriptions of features. Not only will plain English endear you to the person you’re talking to, it will also help your key points to stick in their mind. Most of us won’t remember endless nerdy technical detail or stats, but we will recall specific key benefits that help a product or service stand out.

Ask open questions designed to capture need. Then use simple language, avoid technical jargon, and present the products and services relevant to these needs as clearly and as concisely as possible.

Proof points

There are few things more compelling for B2B appointment setting than cold, hard evidence. If you can clearly demonstrate how your company will outperform others, or offer a better service than an incumbent supplier you’ll have a much better chance of success. Before you pick up the phone, have this important data to hand and use it to back up your points.

Proof points such as awards won, delivery times, customer satisfaction rates, or things such as Google reviews will all help endorse and support you.

Flaunt it

Do mention accreditations such as ISO or IIP, especially to buyers who express particular concern for quality management, or process quality. Specialist auditors externally verify such accreditations, so they are super helpful for B2B appointment setting, especially in crowded markets.

Relevant to the needs expressed

Giving specific examples of the benefits your products and services can offer will help the company you’ve contacted understand how they could be relevant to them. Use open questions routinely in your B2B appointment setting to learn more about the business and their specific needs. Tailor your conversation around the buyer’s answers so you demonstrate clearly how you can meet these needs and make their business more successful in the process.


Whenever the person you’re speaking to contributes to the conversation, make sure you listen attentively to what they’re saying. Telemarketing can be scary. When we’re nervous, we have so much internal noise happening that it can block out what people are saying.

Avoid the temptation to make judgements about the person and their world. According to the DS Psychology Group, judging is one of the most common barriers to effective communication. They say Judging is evaluating the other person and what they said rather than really trying to understand how they see the world

Make sure you absorb, understand, and address each particular concern or objection one by one. Involving them in the call in this way will help to create a genuine two way dialogue. It will also help them see how your products or services could relate to them and demonstrate your company is one that takes customer service seriously.

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