Smiling as you dial will help your lead generation marketing shine

Lead generation marketing is tough at the best of times, so while it’s easy to assume that today’s strange conditions will make success harder than ever, we think it doesn’t have to be the case. At Blue Donkey we’re always looking for ways to innovate, push the boundaries, and improve our methods. Sometimes we have to accept that the old techniques are the best. One that really does make a difference, is smiling.

A great way to improve the quality of your lead generation marketing calls, connect with the person you’re speaking to and make your workday more enjoyable is painting on a smile. Smiling before you pick up the phone could transform your telemarketing success rate. If you’re not convinced, here are just a few of the benefits of this fail-safe technique.

Can a smile really change anything?

Research suggests that even faking a smile can help us feel better. According to experts at Psychology Today magazine it reduces stress and lifts our mood. If smiling does not come naturally for you or seems distasteful, the principle of “fake it til you make it” may be good advice, especially with people you know and feel safe with.

Though the person you’re speaking with can’t see you smile, they can hear it in your manner and voice. The tone, pitch, and flow of our speech are all profoundly affected by a smile, and the person you’re communicating with will definitely hear the difference. This is very important for lead generation marketing because when you’re speaking with someone by telephone, you are reliant on the ability to communicate engagingly, navigating gatekeepers and convincing decision makers even though you can’t make eye contact.

First impressions

No one wants to answer the phone to someone who sounds bored, miserable or uninterested. Buyers will need to be immediately engaged in the call if they’re going to be convinced. If the person making the call is smiling, those crucial opening sentences are going to be exponentially enhanced, creating a good first impression, engaging the decision maker and giving the call a better chance of hitting the mark.


The vast majority of the information the person you’re speaking to will gain during the call comes from the tone of your voice. If you smile when you dial, the person you’re calling will hear it in your voice and it’s likely they’ll respond more positively to you. The way you speak, rather than the words you use, will help them decide if you’re trustworthy, if you’re genuine and if they can connect with you on a personal level. This will have a big impact on the success of your call and could even be the crucial factor that tips the decision for or against you.

Company image

If you want your business to be seen as positive, passionate and energetic, ensuring your team are smiling whenever they pick up the phone is a great place to start. If every interaction a business has with your company is engaging, positive, and fun, they’re much more likely to feel a connection to your brand and use your company in the future.

Sometimes, the simplest techniques make the biggest difference. To find out other methods for improving the quality of your telemarketing calls, contact Blue Donkey today.

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