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 Outsourcing specialist business functions is increasingly making more business sense for both large and small organisations, with business owners having to become far more savvy than they once were and the necessity of having to explore different avenues in running a modern day business, whether it be, for example, due to the wider problems of an unstable global economy and thus keeping costs down, outsourcing becomes the best option, or simply because a business has reached a point where core staff must keep their eye on other equally important duties, leaving them lagging behind in other areas, such as telemarketing, which for many businesses is crucial in helping relationships with potential and existing clients.

With cost control and efficiency becoming the bywords for any sensible business out there today, as well as an important driver that helps keep a business successfully afloat, it stands to reason that an organisation that is doing a particular task or activity regularly will be able to do it with more skill, and less time wasted and less financial resources, by outsourcing.

We can also take technical advancements in recent years playing one of the biggest roles in the growing appeal of outsourcing, with the increasing sophistication and reliability of IT systems giving businesses the option to broaden their scope and, in many cases, turn a local business into a global one, it means an organisation based miles away from you can be as effective as if they were in the next room. In other words, the barriers of separate geographic location are no longer there. We have seen a major shift right across the board, with businesses in the private and public sector alike refashioning their operations in ways that bring the concept of outsourcing to the forefront. For potential clients, particularly those who operate in specific sectors where outsourcing is the rule, they will appreciate a business that has the wherewithal and far reaching sense to outsource effectively.

Outsourcing telemarketing to a partner that reflects your own style and values is a particularly attractive proposition. Most organisations know it’s really difficult to recruit staff who are both competent and consistent using the telephone as a marketing tool, and hiring someone who lacks the qualities of good communication can cause a dramatic downturn for even the most efficiently run businesses out there. With both large and small scale companies having their time taken up by focusing attention on myriad other areas, outsourcing telemarketing becomes, by far, the best option, as all the hard work in finding the right candidates falls in the hands of professional agencies. Blue Donkey with its long experience in the field and careful attention paid to each client, will find the right buyers, make intelligent and sensitive connections with them, and nurture relationships until the point where they’re ready to make buying decisions.

Most senior decision-makers within organisations have a very low boiling point for mediocre telephone calls. Outsourcing telemarketing to a specialist who has trainers on tap, the technology to integrate effectively, and whose objectives are the same as the client organisation will help engage and create an enduring and consistent pipeline of high quality new relationships and leads.

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