Love heart sweets to illustrate B2B telemarketing needs the right sentiments more than the right words

B2B telemarketing, like all other channels, is reliant on organisations being able to clearly differentiate their products and services from that of their competition. For a buyer to purchase from one business rather than another, the company has to demonstrate they are different in a fundamental way. Whether they get better outcomes, have a more compelling price point, outstanding customer service, it’s essential businesses tell their customers exactly why they should choose them if they’re going to grow. However, in B2B telemarketing, convincing people you’re special is all but impossible if you don’t believe 100% in the product or service you’re offering.

This is why at Blue Donkey we believe the most important first step in making any B2B telemarketing call is taking a moment to really think about what makes you different. This shouldn’t simply be a list of features but should involve thinking about who you are as a business, what you do, why you’re special and how this can benefit other people. Once you’ve filled yourself with passion and enthusiasm, you’ll be able to make your B2B telemarketing calls stand out, resonate with each buyer, and really get your marketing performing.

Understand the market

As well as knowing your own products and services inside and out, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the wider market. If you understand what your potential customer may be choosing between, it will help you to better explain how your products and services are different. Though you’re probably already aware of the products and services offered by your competition, taking a few moments to remind yourself where your company falls in the business landscape, will help you predict which objections or resistance your potential customers may have when discussing your sales pitch. Created by the business theorist Michael Porter, Porters % Forces model is a great way to help companies analyse and understand the five main forces of competition in their market. Check it out on Mind Tools where they explain that this model is super-useful, because, when you understand the forces in your environment or industry that can affect your profitability, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Avoid scripts or any form of prompt

Sadly, too often in B2B telemarketing, managers and other people within an organisation pre-design the telemarketing message for their team’s sales calls. Though this can offer you and your sales team a good starting point when thinking about your products and services, a script can make the call feel more automated and less personal. A scripted call can never replicate the power, passion, and charisma of a spontaneous dialogue, and it’s precisely these three qualities that will help to make your call a success.

Make each call unique

Another drawback of a scripted call is that it makes every interaction the same. This leaves little room for your team of telemarketers to take the different needs, preferences, and goals of each prospect into account and can prevent them from becoming fully engaged in the call. However, if your telemarketers are given the space to draw on their own skills, resources and professional experience, their passion and enthusiasm will shine through. They’ll be better able to create heartfelt interactions and really get under the skin of the people they’re speaking to.

The telephone is unique in its ability to connect businesses with potential clients and enable real two-way communication. By being able to speak knowledgeably and freely on the phone, telemarketers can make the most of this powerful tool, make a positive impact on the people they’re speaking to and boost their chances of success. By empowering our teams with the confidence and the skills they need to communicate, we free them from the script and allow them to make calls that really make a difference. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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