The benefit of Investors In People for the lead generation agency

Staff and their performance is a key success factor for any lead generation agency. You really are only as good as the teams you have working for your brand. Investors in People, or IIP, is a standard for people management that offers accreditation to organisations observing specific criteria. Developed to help companies achieve excellence in management, IIP standards have helped thousands of organisations demonstrate their competitive strengths.

One of the biggest benefits of working towards IIP accreditation is that it helps to bring employees together to raise standards. It builds a cohesive and productive workforce, by demonstrating care and prioritising learning. For an outsourced provider like the lead generation agency, IIP helps achieve potential by bringing formalised structures into performance improvement. Not only does this create and shape the workforce, it gives the agency transparency to differentiate how they are better than competitors

The Investors IN people Standard

The Investors in People standard is based on three core areas: leading, supporting, and improving. Each of these categories is then further divided into subsections, giving business leaders a clear framework on which to build. A lead generation agency has to work hard to incorporate the specific ideas of the IIP standard into the business. Only then will they receive accreditation from the governing organisation. The highest level of accreditation is Platinum followed by Gold and then Silver.

According to IIP the “purpose at Investors in People is to make work better. Developed and refined over nearly 30 years to help companies, leaders and employees work together to create better, more productive workplaces. We have accredited more than 50,000 organisations and we are recognised in 66 countries around the world, making it the global benchmark when it comes to people management.”


The ‘leading’ element of the IIP standard is divided into three areas. These are leading and inspiring, living the organisation’s values and empowering and involving people. Incorporating these ideas into a lead generation agency’s daily operations has helped the Blue Donkey leadership to share clear objectives. It has helped inspire the whole organisation to deliver high performance, and subscribe to a culture of complete trust.


Creating a supportive environment is essential for businesses that want to get the best from their workforce. The IIP standard outlines three core areas that are key to achieving excellence in the area: managing performance, recognising and rewarding high performance, and structuring work. When a lead generation agency’s workers feel supported, they’re much more likely to commit to an organisation, come up with innovative ideas and work effectively with other members of their team. At Blue Donkey, morning meetings incorporate these principles into a timetable of ‘plan act review’ processes controlled by everyone.


As successful business leaders will know, organisations that want to succeed need to be constantly looking for ways to improve. Within the IIP standard, improving is divided into building capability, delivering continuous improvement, and creating sustainable success. Creating a culture where constant improvement is expected and encouraged is essential for businesses that want to achieve their potential.

IIP and your workforce

The IIP standard gives organisations a clear and practical framework on which to build their management structure. Employing these standards, and working to reach the highest possible level of accreditation, can help companies of all sizes. For a lead generation agency, it’s invaluable for boosting morale and getting the very best from employees. At Blue Donkey we’ve built a workforce we’re proud of and proud to be part of.

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