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People are the key success factor that can take a company from zero to hero, more than any other resource a business has available. Recruiting B2B telemarketers who are dedicated, committed and talented can be pivotal to the success of such marketing efforts.

Richard Branson famously said, ‘Customers come second, employees first’. It’s a philosophy that brings benefits to both the company and its clients because happy staff deliver excellent service, and since customer satisfaction is bound-up in good service these days, making the right hires is a long-term win.

In addition to being better at engaging decision makers and communicating strong sales messaging, adept telemarketers will lay the foundations for long-lasting relationships, so they are an enviable asset. However, finding good telemarketers is no easy task. At Blue Donkey, we’re often asked how we’re able to find such exceptional telemarketers. Though there’s no single answer, we’ve had a long, hard think about it and come up with five steps a business can take to identify, attract and recruit the best telemarketers around.

  1. Look for carer instincts, not sales-closers

We believe the best way to connect with a business decision maker is to have their needs and preferences at the heart of our calls. Sales professionals who are overly focused on hitting sales targets will sometimes fail to engage the people they’re calling, putting their sales pitch before a genuine two-way conversation. Though you need your telemarketers to be able to sell, we believe staff who empathise, and genuinely want to deliver an outstanding customer experience, will be more likely to ask the right questions and communicate the right message, two important factors for building trusting long-term relationships.

  1. Ask the right questions

The best way to get an accurate idea of the character of a potential hire is to ask the right questions. We believe that situational interview questions reveal the most about a candidate’s personality and aptitude, by asking about real situations and past interactions. Usually beginning with a request such as ‘tell me about a time when….’, situational questions require candidates to talk about actual achievements and talents as opposed to how they would achieve something in theory. So questions such as ‘how would you go about doing X’ will be replaced with ‘tell me about a time you had to do X’. If you simply ask an interviewee to talk about how they would hit their targets– it’s likely they’ll tell you what they think you want to hear.

  1. Don’t sell the role as a stepping stone to something ‘better’

All too often, telemarketing roles are portrayed as a stepping stone to a ‘better’ position. And though it’s true that the skills employees learn working in telemarketing will make them attractive for a wide range of sales jobs, it’s crucial potential employers don’t describe the job, or set an expectation of a job as being a low level position in your organisation with the pathway to something better in future. If you want to attract the best people, and you expect them to take pride in the job they’re doing, you’ll need to show pride in it yourself.

  1. Look for the right mindset

With the telephone being their primary work tool, it’s no surprise that most telemarketers spend their days making call after call. In order for someone to be a successful telemarketer, they need to have the energy and mindset to put the same stamina, enthusiasm, and passion into every single call. Look for signs of a determined mindset, and stamina in the candidate’s CV. Look for signs of enthusiasm and keep an eye out to see if their energy levels decline or drift during the interview process. Ask questions that help you uncover whether or not they will put 100% into each call they dial.

  1. Personality, passion, persistence

These three qualities are essential for a truly successful telemarketer. People with personality, passion and persistence will stand out immediately at the interview, filling the space with their confidence and charisma. As well as being great at their jobs, these people lift the room, helping to motivate and inspire your workforce and giving your telemarketers the passion they need to achieve their goals.

If you can find people who are naturally positive, engaging and enthusiastic, and who enjoy being part of a team, you’ll be well on your way to building an unbeatable telemarketing force. To find out more, or to learn how we can help supercharge your team, contact us today.

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