Using demand generation to create a sales pipeline

Demand generation is all about helping the different touchpoints of marketing align, to nurture and build fertile lead pipelines. These days that includes as much technology as it does human interaction. The best customer experiences are those where the online and human touchpoints blend together seamlessly.

An effective sales pipeline is important, especially for companies with consumable products or those that have a more transactional sales pattern. Such organisations are reliant on new opportunities regularly.

Inbound telemarketing

Demand generation and inbound telemarketing often work hand in hand, where one stimulates enquiries and the other services or converts them to the next stage. Having made the significant investment in technology required to find and appeal to potential buyers, organisations are then required to create the most vibrant messaging and human element possible.

Inbound telemarketing not only puts a sensitive intelligent human voice on the receiving end of the customer enquiry, its infinitely capable of adapting around the needs and preferences of individual buyers and their circumstances. The tone, manner and style of the person taking calls will be moulded around the values of each different brand to ensure everything is beautifully consistent and reflective.


Demand generation activities can also be carefully measured to manage the return on investment as the whole cycle of costs can be carefully linked to cost per sale. This means targets can be set, and metrics can be adjusted so the relevant control levers for success can be tweaked day to day if needs be. For example, certain periods or conditions may require calls to be handled later into the day, in which case resource can be carefully managed to meet demand, and accurately costed.

According to experts at New Breed having well-executed inbound marketing techniques, that have been tested and proven, is essential to the success of your overall marketing strategy. Anyone can throw ‘inbound’ in front of their strategy, but actually driving measurable results, making lasting-relationships with your clients and scaling beyond your competition takes time, dedication and a plan.


Search engine optimisation and blogs are a great way to create inbound enquiries.  As well as producing immediate leads, this can be mined for potential using outbound telemarketing and lead generation at some future point. At Blue Donkey whether a project is designed as a demand generation activity or part of a lead generation function, teams will routinely gather opt-in consent for email, direct dial, and future contact as appropriate.

By collecting every relevant item of information possible, different activities can support other marketing channels so not only does the client get the best bang for buck, their brand is getting the benefits of synergies between the channels to help marketing spend go further.

Converting leads

The final step in the sales pipeline is converting leads into sales. If you’ve managed the process in the right way, a sale and hopefully a relationship should come as the natural next step.

Demand generation and a well-oiled sales pipeline will help a business run more efficiently and more productively. To learn more about other powerful sales and marketing techniques, contact a member of our team today.

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