What B2B telemarketers say about selling benefits, not features

For B2B telemarketers, when making a sales call, it’s important to make sure calls resonate in just the right way. If you can draw a potential buyer into a discussion, and get a message across well, you’re more likely to achieve objectives. If calls come across as salesy, pushy, or too goal oriented, they’ll have limited impact on performance and risk damaging your brand.

One of the best ways B2B telemarketers ensure their calls come across well, and are interesting and informative to the person they’re speaking to, is to focus on the benefits rather than the features of a product.

What is a benefit

Where a feature is a fact about what something does, the benefit is the reason why it’s important. A benefit falls into four categories. Time, effort, money, or security and the motivation for a business decision maker to purchase something will fall into one, or more of those categories. The benefit is therefore the advantage delivered by the feature. For example ISO:9001 quality accreditation means a company’s quality management system is verified by specialists, so potential buyers trust them more. Successful selling requires B2B telemarketers to show potential buyers how a product meets their needs.


The process begins by asking questions designed to uncover the potential buyer’s needs. B2B telemarketers will use open questions relevant to the product to try and capture this information. Not only will this help to show the decision maker how your service can apply to their situation, it will also demonstrate you’re listening, something that can go a long way to laying the foundations of a productive business relationship.

Bring your business to life

If you simply list the features of the product you represent, you won’t be providing any information the decision maker can’t get from a catalogue.

Instead of simply relaying basic information about technical features, B2B telemarketers use the opportunity the call affords to illustrate the benefits of the service. This is a valuable chance to make the service really come to life for them and give the brand a personality. It will also help to make a call memorable and will help build connections with a business and its potential buyers.

Tailor the benefits

Skilled B2B telemarketers will tailor the list of benefits they discuss to the needs of the business they’re contacting. Do a bit of research by going on the company’s website as you dial and use your opening question to find out more about the business and its needs. You should then be able to talk to the decision maker about how your product can meet these needs and make their life easier. Ask them about the challenges their business faces and see if you can work the benefits you’re offering into the call that way.

Tools for B2B telemarketers

If you become flustered during your call, it can be easy to fall back on listing the features of your product or service. To ensure this doesn’t happen B2B telemarketers often use graphics and diagrams that demonstrate benefits as a visual tool. These can be flashcards, flight cards, cartoons, or anything that paints pictures in the mind. They shouldn’t be scripts or any kind of prompts as these prevent a natural flowing discussion not enable them. As well as helping benefits stay fresh in the mind, these tools help B2B telemarketers come across as passionate and positive.

Visual tools are making a huge impact on marketing currently, particularly for social media where messaging needs to be instant. These tools can be magic for B2B telemarketers too. Hubspot says “Visual content is in high demand. Just about every piece of content you create can be enhanced by some kind of visual element …Just consider how much more prominently visual content gets displayed in social media feeds compared to text-based content”

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