What’s LOVE got to do with it b2b lead generation telemarketing

For most of us, work is a rich mixture of things we like doing and those we don’t much like. It’s a detail that we’re happy to chalk up as the yin-yang balance of working life, and if we don’t spend Sunday night resenting the start of another work week (and we all know someone who does) we consider ourselves lucky. Among others, b2b lead generation is possibly one of the tasks people dislike, since the most effective method is still cold calling prospects. So what is it about b2b lead generation telemarketing that people dislike so much, and do you have to love something in order to excel at it? Read on to find out.

Trust, Honesty & Respect

Success in b2b lead generation is all about identifying the right potential partners for your business and then setting about building trust, rapport, and mutual respect. This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, which is why more and more companies are choosing to outsource cold calling to specialists rather than do it themselves. In some ways, however, using the telephone is actually easier to do, since creating human to human connection needs spontaneity. It relies on someone to speak and another person to listen, understand and respond. Imagining someone in your mind’s eye will help you overcome the feeling that you’re speaking to a stranger, by allowing you to build a picture of the person you’re speaking with, so your one to one becomes more like a spontaneous face to face discussion and you’re really able to get under the skin of what your prospect wants from the relationship. By asking the right open questions you can respond by honestly working through the things that are key to them, not to you.

Acceptance, Forbearance & Kindness

In b2b lead generation, success takes patience. You may need to have many conversations with a prospect before they actually convert to business written. Pushing someone too hard could break the connection and compromise your brand permanently. Instead, by approaching each individual on their terms, embracing a sense of kindness and benevolence in the way we respond to people during our b2b lead generation calls, we get meaning and value from our work.

By focusing on meeting needs, rather than hitting targets, we connect with people in a way that feels authentic and builds meaningful experiences with folk who could quite possibly become clients for life, as many of us take our family of clients from job to job. More than that, forming relationships that matter is a key factor in learning to love the work we do, and only by approaching b2b lead generation telemarketing from the viewpoint that we’re doing something that matters, can we truly get the best outcomes. Rescuetime, experts in workplace wellbeing, suggest an estimated 21% to 35% of our waking hours are spent at work. How we spend those hours can have either a negative or positive impact on the meaningfulness we feel. They go on to explain that doing work that matters, is key to feeling that our work has meaning.

What’s not to love?

Like anything in life, learning to get great results takes practice and commitment. Putting the needs of others first feels good, and the more people we add to our army of friends and advocates, the better we feel as human beings, and the more success we enjoy. It’s also true that whilst b2b lead generation telemarketing may not necessarily have been our primary career choice, winning the hearts of prospects, so they become our ‘gamechanger’ clients, or better still, partners for life is totally lovable.

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