When dialling a cold call, are you clear about your mission

In business, a mission is the thing that defines who you are, what you do, and why you’re special. It’s an essential component in a cold call. Maybe even the most critical, because it gives someone a reason to listen to you. But, for many cold callers, the first moments patched call-to-call is nerve wracking. So much so that they simply forget to state their mission in a clear way. This creates a distance between the caller and the receiver of the call who will be thinking ‘what do you want’. Worse still, the caller often blunders through precious moments, asking questions they don’t want the answer to (how are you today).

The impact of the first impression is never more profound than on the phone. On a cold call, you have a few short seconds to impress a decision-maker enough for them to stay on the phone. Often they’re not impressed, so they snatch back their time, politely or otherwise. This is why cold calling can be peppered with feelings of rejection and failure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. As telemarketing experts, Blue Donkey knows the first skill we need to impart to rookie cold callers is the ability to open a call with strength. A call with a smooth, purposeful, opening has a greater chance of getting a fair hearing. We’ve gathered together a few simple steps to help warm up your cold calling.

What is a mission

Being clear about what your mission means. Make sure you know what you need to achieve on a call and can articulate it smoothly. What are you trying to get across, how can you help someone, and what’s the actual purpose of the call. All these are questions you need in mind. They will help prompt a succinct informative and compelling opening. So the first things you open your call with make sense and are loaded with business reasons for someone to listen. It’s not unlike the mission of a business, but it’s more specifically about what you need to do in that particular call. So yes, you need to use your own personality and communication style, but what you say needs to be sympathetic to the broader mission.

According to entrepreneur.com, the company mission defines what an organisation is, what it does, and its reason for being. A cold call is exactly this, except the particular objective in a cold call is to gear this message around the needs of the particular potential buyer.

So what’s your mission

The best way to re-engage with your company’s mission is to write down six things about your business that excite you, and which differentiate you from the competition. These are the factors that make you want to pick up the phone and talk about the business. They can usually be described in a simple sentence such as ‘we work with / we’re the biggest / the fastest / award winning’.

Having a clear mission is not the same as using a script. Nobody should ever use a script. Instead, being genuinely invested in the things that are great about your company, and using these to inspire your first line of discussion will work wonders. It will get people to listen, and more importantly frame the next stage of your call: the open question. A great opening will make your open question work much harder so you get more expansive answers. That in turn builds trust and rapport.

Ketchup is for burgers

As well as making your mission and objective clear, you should take care to come across industriously. Many cold callers make the mistake of using fake friendliness to try and warm their calls up. You don’t need to be friendly, your prospect is not looking for friendship. Your language should be reflective of your brand. In other words, avoid presenting your call in a way that undermines your purpose. For example, using expressions such as ‘I’m just calling’, ‘I was wondering’, or ‘I know you’re busy’.

The language you use in calls will set the tone of your outcomes, so if your words lack gravitas, the response will be limp. Our own personal bugbear is ‘I’m calling to catch up with you about…’. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to phone somebody from your prospect database for a catch-up. Ketchup is for burgers, so call them to discuss what process they use to achieve X, or to understand how they do Y. By doing so you’ll increase your chance of being taken seriously and reduce the chance of being hung-up on.

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