Why b2b lead generation companies think posture matters

B2B lead generation companies have one major human tool that can make or break a call. The voice! A good strong deserving voice will get respect and earn the right to be listened to and taken seriously. A little squeaky mouse voice won’t. And you’d have to work much harder to get past receptionists or win attention from buyers. Communicating effectively over the phone is reliant on many factors. They include intelligence, quick thinking, and an ability to put the needs of others first. In fact, b2b lead generation companies will be more attracted to candidates with a strong voice. These people will have the ability to create a presence with their voice more easily. A candidate who’s too softly spoken or passive will require a lot more training.

Surprisingly however there are some effective techniques to help strengthen that squeak. From posture to positive thinking, b2b lead generation companies have discovered some great ways you can influence the tone, feel, and success of a call. Working on these elements will improve the quality of the voice and therefore the telemarketing, helping your company to connect with existing and potential clients and boosting the chances of success. Read on to find out more.


People with good posture sweep into a room. Shoulders back, chin up, and back straight, they automatically come across as confident and commanding. This can have a big impact on how others perceive them. For b2b lead generation companies, this effect has to somehow be translated to the telephone. Although we can’t see the person we’re speaking to, and they can’t see us, certain attributes can be heard in the voice, very clearly.


Sitting straight delivers the biggest single impact you can have on your voice. As well as being better for the back, and throat, it helps in other ways. Consider how a wind instrument makes a good sound. It’s the long straight lines that make a difference to how the sound resonates. The human body is similar. Blue Donkey trainers can ‘hear’ a slouch when they are monitoring call recordings. Honest! Our favourite bit of witchcraft is phoning a telemarketer, from another part of the building to suggest they sit-up. Telemarketers also find their work easier and more rewarding when they maintain good posture throughout the working day.


Good posture will make the telemarketer seem more confident, more focused, and more engaged in the call. This has a big impact on the impression made on the prospect. For b2b lead generation companies, this instant improvement in quality literally translates to ROI. If a telemarketer slouches when they make a call, the prospect will be able to hear it in their voice. It comes across as a lack of confidence or conviction and will impair outcomes. This would mean fewer calls achieve a positive result than they might otherwise have done. So you can see why b2b lead generation companies think its important people recognise and correct poor posture immediately. As well as impacting the confidence and energy, posture can affect the tone of the telemarketer’s voice. This can prevent them from connecting with the prospect and will affect the chances of success.


It’s not by accident that granny used to say ‘chin-up’ if you were feeling a little glum. It’s long been claimed that being upright and looking upward is good for you. Experts at joint.com say “By overseeing their body pressure, mood, and stress levels, scientists found that people who sat upright appeared to feel greater emotionally than those slumped. Another finding from the study was that people who sat upward had increased self-esteem, in addition to positive thoughts.”

… And breathe

Breathing is much easier when your posture is upright (try it). So calls flow better and sound clearer with the benefit of good breathing. Breathing deeply also helps us to stay calm, and manage complex emotions. So before picking up the phone, b2b lead generation companies make sure telemarketers pay attention to their posture and take a moment to sit up straight. This will instantly make them feel more energetic, more confident, and more focused, all things that will come across in their voice when they speak to the prospect.

To understand how b2b lead generation companies use body language, speak to one of the best around. Call a member of the Blue Donkey team to find out how we can help you raise the bar for your telemarketing and put our award winning techniques to work for you.

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