Why good posture is important to telemarketing agencies

Telemarketing agencies need to craft verbal communication in a way that makes a difference in the buyer’s mind, so the voice is a seriously important tool. However, there’s a lot more to sounding good than just pitch or tone of voice. In fact, there are a large number of other factors involved in connecting with a potential buyer, building rapport and communicating effectively over the phone. Surprisingly, many of these elements are not vocal. From posture to positive thinking, many different things can have an impact on the tone, feel and success of a call. Telemarketing agencies know that developing these auxiliary elements can greatly improve the quality of your campaigns, helping your company to connect with existing and potential clients and boosting the chances of your telemarketing achieving its goals.

Why posture is key to great telemarketing calls

When someone walks into a room head high, chin up, and back straight, they instinctively come across as confident and commanding. This impacts how other people in the room perceive them and how they approach the interaction. What’s more, the person will feel more self-assured, and compelling, something that’s certain to come across in their performance. The same is true when it comes to telemarketing, although the telemarketer can’t see the person they’re speaking to, the conviction they draw from sitting up straight and maintaining good posture can be heard in the voice. It makes the telemarketer seem more confident, more focused and more engaged in the call and can make a big difference to the impression they deliver.

If a telemarketer slouches when they make a call, the voice becomes stilted or over formal, put simply, this factor comes across as a lack of confidence. As well as impacting on the energy of the call, posture can affect the clarity of the voice, like a wind instrument (no jokes please) long straight lines create a sound that’s clear and bold. Notwithstanding the importance of product knowledge, this factor alone is a quick shot in the arm for connecting with the prospect and delivering the best chance of success. In fact, telemarketing agencies know that if you do nothing differently but sit with a straight back, your calls will improve.

Eye contact

Eye contact is, of course, important for effective face to face communication. Telemarketing agencies believe that to come across in a positive and enthusiastic manner on the phone, you need to simulate some important face to face techniques. By imagining a face in your mind’s eye and focusing your conversation towards that person, you will artificially create the warmth and character your discussion would have face to face. Again, this is a sure-fire way of transforming calls with little or no effort, while creating interactions that your potential buyers will find more energetic and confident.

Body language

The eyes, eye contact, and body language generally are important in non-verbal communication, however, scientists are increasingly understanding that eye contact and body language impact how we feel and respond to others. Kinesics or kinesic communication is all about communication through body movements, such as gestures, facial expressions and communicating using the body as a whole. We call this ‘body language’. The founder of kinesics, American anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell said all body movements convey meaning to the outside world but also to ourselves, and we can create a mindset, and improve performance by eye contact, facial expression, gestures, and posture.

He argued that non-verbal behaviour had a grammar that we could analyse in similar terms to spoken or written language. What’s your posture saying?

Maintaining the right posture

Before picking up the phone to call a prospect, telemarketers should take a minute to ensure they’re sitting up straight with their shoulders back. This instantly makes them feel more energetic, more confident and more focused, all things that will come across in their voice when they speak to someone.

Although some people may feel like maintaining a good posture is tiring, in reality, a good posture energises the body and helps to focus the mind. Telemarketers will also find their work a lot easier, and their calls and mindset more positive, if they maintain good posture throughout the day.

Learning how the different elements of body language and tone of voice impact telemarketing are key to improving the quality and the success of your campaigns. To find out more, or to learn how we can help you raise the bar for your telemarketing team, explore our site today.

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