A good marketing plan is a blueprint for marketing your products and services and is a step-by-step guide to delivering your business’s marketing strategy. It is a practical, detailed document that sets clear, realistic and measurable activities.

A  plan often includes deadlines, budgets and staff allocations, and can help you to:

  • identify specific marketing activities and budgets
  • set and meet marketing objectives
  • bring a marketing strategy to life.

Marketing plans are cyclical and ongoing. The process of developing and implementing your marketing should be woven into your business practice. At any one time, your business might be undertaking one or more of these 4 processes:

  • developing your plan
  • implementing strategies in your plan
  • evaluating whether the strategies are contributing to your overall marketing goals
  • refining your plan.

This guide shows you how to write a plan, including the steps for developing your marketing tactics and implementing your plan. It’s important to develop your market strategy before you write and implement your marketing plan.