4 great ways to improve motivation in B2B telemarketing

Most of us have had times where we need our B2B telemarketing to do great things. We know leads that come from telemarketing endure, we know the best relationships often start with a cold call. However, despite this, even the best of us have days where we just can’t summon the motivation to phone strangers.

So what do you do if you have a whole team of people on the phones? When the sole purpose is creating B2B telemarketing leads, it’s worth knowing about the tools you can use to help. At Blue Donkey, our managers have some great ways of keeping our family of eager beavers motivated to go the extra mile.

1. Get a bit of friendly competition going

Getting a little of the right sort of competition going is a great way to inject some energy and fun. League tables, sharing team achievement in bulletins or a whiteboard or having a table of treats for small milestones. These will all help raise the spirits of your B2B telemarketing people and inject a bit of friendly fun.

Do incentivise and reward the right behaviours. For example, at Blue Donkey we reward the number of dials, decision makers reached, or number of completed surveys. And feedback from a client, about an individual’s good work, is big news, we stop the bus for that!

Leads, sales, appointments – in other words, the objective of the project, are not heavily incentivised. They may have a small element of reward but this won’t on its own make people hungry to achieve it. This is because it’s important to manage the message you send out. Over incentivising B2B telemarketing teams can skew thinking, making people more determined to sell. This presents a risk of excessive goal seeking behaviours creeping into your team. The moderate reward for all-round performance is far more likely to result in team achievement, customer satisfaction, and fun.

2. Catch people doing things right

Ever had a manager who appears as if by magic, every time you stumble or make a gaffe? And the boss who, no matter what your achievements, will manage to find something to nit-pick in your review. These managers have an extraordinary superpower – they always catch people doing wrong.

Ken Blanchard bestselling author on management, motivation, and ethics said managers should catch people doing things right. “Catching people doing something right is a powerful management concept to use with direct reports. It can also be a great way to build trust and camaraderie with others. Think about the last time you were recognized for your efforts. I’ll bet you felt pretty satisfied and encouraged to keep up the good performance. No matter what your role, you have the power to ignite that same reaction in others”.

The managers that stick in our hearts and minds through our careers are those that helped and believed in us. Helping and supporting others, especially B2B telemarketing teams, given the effort that entails, is a great way to give back.

3. Create a learning and caring atmosphere

Graphic tools, flow diagrams, and cartoons are a good way to inspire and propagate learning in B2B telemarketing. Providing someone with a script or prompts for what to say tells them you don’t trust them. It’s disempowering and serves to knock confidence rather than build it. Visual tools get people thinking creatively. They help inspire teams to use their own unique resources and thinking. After all, these are the reasons you hired them in the first place.

Additionally, asking about people’s family, remembering a special occasion, or taking a moment to sit and chat as you’re passing. All these tiny touches, and sentiments, help make yours the team that people want to be a part of. They also help managers win respect, support, and become their genuine authentic selves at work, not automatons.

4. Ask people what they want

You’ve heard the expression; with every hire, you get a free brain. This is as true in B2B telemarketing as it is anywhere else. Accepting help is not a weakness, it’s a strength. People get more satisfaction and growth from being given an element of control over their work life. It’s also more enjoyable being in a team that feels included and important in the making of decisions.

Of course, leaders must lead, but asking staff what their preferences, ideas or views are, can only be positive. It helps highlight hidden strengths in team members, that might otherwise have remained untapped. The team share power and responsibility for their work, which is great for building pride and managing positive mental health.

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