Telemarketing is a powerful business tool and an important element of any comprehensive marketing strategy. However, though many companies use telemarketing in their market research, lead generation and networking , many don’t make the most of the medium and even fewer are able to really harness the full power of telemarketing. So to help you improve the quality of your calls and unleash your business’ potential, we’ve put together five of our top tips for powering your telemarketing calls.

  1. Measure what you do and benchmark your progress

Not only is monitoring your progress a good way to stay motivated, it’s also important when analysing your telemarketing success and devising future campaigns. Set clear goals for yourself and your team – hourly goals are better than daily or weekly benchmarks as they’re easier to keep track of – and be disciplined about how you achieve them. Measure your rate of success as well as important factors like the number of times you reach and engage with a decision maker.

  1. Be clear about what differentiates you

Before you make a telemarketing call, take some time to think about the product or service you’re promoting. Ask yourself what makes the product or service special, how you can make a difference to the people you’re calling and what sets you apart from the competition. By keeping these ideas in your mind when you speak to a decision maker, your enthusiasm will spill over into the conversation, making your call even more persuasive.

  1. Be authentic

If you try to adopt a phone persona when making a telemarketing call, the person you’re speaking to will be able to tell immediately. In order to really connect with the people you’re calling, you need to be authentic and use language that comes naturally to you. If you use too many buzz words or exaggerated expressions, you may well come across a little robotic and insincere.

  1. Get to the point

Your opening line is incredibly important. Most of the people you’re speaking to will be busy and won’t have the time to listen to long, rambling pitches. Keep your introduction to the essential facts: who you are, where you’re calling from and the reason for your call. Cut this down to 15 seconds for maximum impact.

  1. Get people talking

The sooner you get people talking, the more chance you’ll have of engaging them in the call and really grabbing their attention. Once you’ve introduced yourself, ask a well thought through opening question. This will help to create a dialogue and build a rapport, something that’s guaranteed to give your call a better chance of success.

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