Closing techniques that work in B2B telemarketing

B2B telemarketing requires a whole host of key skills and competencies in order to be successful. From call openings, getting decision makers involved, questioning techniques, listening skills, and building appropriate responses, to finally closing the deal. A particular area that gets us quaking is B2B closing techniques. Closing a call well is one of the most important skills in telemarketing. The words you use, your tone of voice and your manner will leave a lasting impression. So it’s important to get your B2B closing techniques just right.

No pressure in B2B telemarketing

The last thing you want to do at the end of a professional call is pile on the pressure. This can put even the keenest customers off and can make your business come across as aggressive, or desperate. Ideally, your call should have been so positive that you won’t need to put pressure on your contact. If decision makers aren’t convinced by the end of the call, gain consent to call back at an agreed date. Give them the respect, time, and space to make a decision that’s right for them, not right for you.

People are busy

In B2B telemarketing sometimes telemarketers become so focused on their targets they forget the person they’re speaking to has a busy schedule. The Independent who ran a study of 2,000 workers, found the UK is a nation with its nose to the grindstone, with 22 percent struggling with the ‘overtime’ they have to put in at the office. So it’s important to respect the pressures today’s businesses are under. Therefore, once you’ve discussed the benefits of your offering, ask for the appointment or sale. Acknowledge awareness of decision maker’s busy schedules to demonstrate you’re thinking of their needs, at the same time as moving the call towards your ultimate goal.


B2B telemarketing calls can be long and detailed. If the call has been a long one, a good way to close it is to sum up the benefits offered by your product or service. Make this section of the call snappy and compelling. Keep the language you use simple and easy to understand and stick to your core USPs. This summing up will remind the decision maker of all the points you’ve covered and should help to nudge them towards making a purchase. If not, it provides a positive note for you to build a future discussion upon.

End with a question

As an opening question, an end question can be used to keep the lines of communication open. Ask if there’s anything else they need to know, if you’ve answered all their questions and if they can see how your product is right for them. Asking these questions crystallises the benefits of your product in the mind of the decision maker and can offer an opportunity for further dialogue.

Be positive

Whether you’ve managed to achieve your goal or not, effective B2B closing techniques require ending calls on a positive note. These last few sentences will form a big part of the impression you leave with the person you’ve been talking to – so make sure you’re polite, positive, and personable.

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