Picture of a man showing two sides of the brain required for effective B2B telemarketing.

The divided brain

At Blue Donkey, we believe that engaging both sides of the brain makes us better communicators and is essential for effective B2B telemarketing. Allowing us to apply creative ideas to our rational process, it’s just one of the things that helps us to stand out from the crowd.

We already know the human brain is remarkable and holds everything from facts, memories, learning, and imagination. The brain can manage, decipher and rationalise about a myriad of different subjects. We use the brain to make important connections with the world and one of the most fascinating things about the brain is that it’s split in two unequal sides. The right half is believed to control and manage our creativity, while the left is thought to be responsible for facts, data and logical thought, such as understanding science and numbers. Though we might not realise it, most people rely more on one side of their brain than the other, in fact some vocations value or encourage one side’s attributes more than the other. For example left brain activity, with data, metrics and facts is important in the world of business, or computing.

We came across an excellent Ted Talk – renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our ‘divided brain’ has changed human behaviour, culture and society over the course of evolution. Well worth a watch, you can find it on YouTube.

Taking sides

Although scientists aren’t sure why we’ve evolved to have two such distinct hemispheres, research has focussed on identifying the different functions each half of the brain is responsible for. This suggests that, as well as managing the right hand side of our bodies,the left hemisphere is where logical, sequential, rational, analytical and objective thought takes place. The right hemisphere, as well as managing the left hand side of the body, is thought to be in charge of random, creative and subjective thought. It’s where our intuition comes from and it’s the area of the brain that allows us to take in the bigger picture and come up with imaginative solutions to a problem. However, the two halves of the brain are not independent of each other and we of course need to draw on elements of both hemispheres for creative and analytical thought.

The whole brain

Although business people rely heavily on the left side of their brain, for recalling important information, the creative right side is a valuable resource when making telemarketing calls and engaging with prospective customers or decision makers. By using our intuition, imagination and creativity, as well as our logic and reasoning, we can bring a holistic approach to telemarketing and get great results in the process. Being creative and imaginative on the phone, also helps us to get more from our interactions by allowing us to be more sensitive to buyers’ needs.

Right brain marketing

One of the techniques we use when making telemarketing calls is ‘visualisation’. By using your imagination to ‘see’ the person you’re talking to in your mind’s eye, you can overcome some of the communication barriers talking over the phone can present. Many of our highly skilled telemarketers also use the right side of their brain to help them paint pictures with their words and bring a product or service to life.

Another technique we use is the ‘benefit star’. A useful way to map the attributes of a product or service, the star works out from open questions at the centre, to key features and benefits relevant to what the decision makers have told us are important or unique to them. Conversely, when we try to help people grasp the intricacies of a new product we use facts, numbers and proof points. Drawing more on the left hand side of their brain, this analytical approach helps to give prospects the full picture.

By using both sides of the brain in our communications, we’re able to better empathise with buyers. This helps us to understand their mood, their needs and their motivations, something that’s crucial for a successful telemarketing call.

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