How posture can improve your B2B appointment setting

We’re sometimes asked ‘What’s the single best thing you can do to improve your B2B appointment setting calls?’ The answer is posture (smiling – is a close second). Although our voice is the main means we use to communicate, it’s by no means the only thing in our toolbox. There are many other factors involved in connecting with a potential buyer, building rapport, and communicating effectively over the phone.

Surprisingly, some of these elements aren’t even vocal; from posture to positive thinking. These different things will impact tone, flow, and the success of a call. Working on these auxiliary elements can greatly improve the quality of your B2B appointment setting calls. And used systematically will help your company to connect with existing and potential clients and boost the chances of your telemarketing achieving its goals.

How posture impacts calls

When someone walks into a room with their shoulders back, chin up, and back straight, they automatically come across as confident and commanding. This can have a big impact on how other people in the room perceive them and how they approach the interaction. What’s more, the person standing up straight and moving confidently will feel more self-assured, something that’s guaranteed to come across in their performance.

The same is true when it comes to B2B telemarketing, although we can’t see the person we’re speaking to, the confidence they draw from sitting up straight and maintaining good posture can be heard in the voice. It makes the telemarketer seem more confident, more focused, and more engaged in the call. This will make a big difference to the impression they make and their B2B appointment setting rates.

If a telemarketer slouches when they make a call, the potential buyer will be able to hear it in their voice. As well as impacting on the confidence and energy of the call, it can affect the tone of the telemarketer’s voice. This can prevent them from connecting with the prospect and can affect the call’s chances of success.

Good posture

Before picking up the phone to call a prospect, telemarketers should pay attention to their posture and take a minute to ensure they’re sitting up straight and have their shoulders back. This will instantly make them feel more energetic, more confident, and more focused. These are all things that will come across in their voice when they speak so their B2B appointment setting will sound more compelling.

Although some people may feel like maintaining a good posture is tiring, in reality, a good posture energises the body and helps to focus the mind. Telemarketers will also find their work easier and their B2B appointment setting calls more positive if they maintain good posture throughout the day. According to chiropractor experts, poor posture can lead to lower self-esteem and energy levels, while good posture can contribute to an increase in confidence, alertness, and more! Making a few simple changes to your posture will help put you in a better mood and feel better about yourself overall.

Different elements of body language and tone of voice can make a big impact on the quality and the success of B2B appointment setting campaigns. To find out more, or to learn how we can help you raise the bar for your telemarketing team, explore our site today.

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