How to create first impressions that last

Knowing how to make a strong first impression is one of the most important skills in B2B telemarketing. Not only will it help you to start your calls off in a positive way, it will also allow you to begin to build rapport with a potential buyer and lay the foundations for your future business relationship.


A simple and instantly effective way to come across well in B2B telemarketing is to speak with a smile. The person your speaking with will hear this as confidence, and enthusiasm. Your smile creates charisma and makes you more interesting and engaging to talk to.

Over the years scientists have sought to understand why the simple smile can do so much to elevate the mood of the person smiling and those around them. Experts have found a strong link between good health, longevity, and smiling. Most importantly, studies show​ that just the act of smiling (making the physical facial shapes and movements) whether the result of real joy or an act, can have both short- and long-term benefits on people’s health and wellbeing.

Sit up straight

Posture also has a big impact on how you come across on the phone. Before you dial, take a few seconds to ensure you’re sitting up straight. Maintaining a good posture when you’re on the phone will help you to come across as more passionate, more focused and more engaged, all things that will contribute to a great first impression. In fact, there are several benefits of good posture, if you are sat up straight you can breathe better for one, so the voice is clearer and unconstrained, giving the impression of confidence. If you ever go home after a busy day on the phone with a sore throat, sit up, so the sound is generated in the diaphragm, not the throat, and finally, sitting up straight helps you position your eyes upward, which in turn helps you think more creatively (what’s your favourite tree? – See, you looked up!)

Check your data

When making telemarketing calls, it’s important to know who you’re calling and have some understanding of the needs and requirements of the company you’re contacting. Checking the database record carefully, getting the website up as you’re dialling, or doing a small amount of research to see when they were last spoken with, will allow you to answer any questions with authority and composure. This kind of response goes a long way to assuring a potential client that you’re capable of fulfilling their needs. In other words, use the time between calls to concentrate and plan the next interaction, typically this is the moment we use to chat with our neighbour about dinner! Save that for the water cooler.

Positive attitude

Before you pick up the phone, take a minute to think about all of the positive aspects of the product or service you’re offering. Memorise its USPs and try to get yourself excited about what’s on offer. This positivity will automatically come across in your voice and will help the prospect to warm to you. Listening is one of the most important parts of a telemarketing call. If you lecture a prospect, they’ll soon get tired and could well begin to view you negatively. Failing to listen can also cause a call to come across as too ‘salesy’, another pitfall that will cause clients to switch off. Instead of launching into some ill-considered “pitch” and talking relentlessly, try to listen. This will help you to have a real two-way conversation with your prospect, build rapport and engage them in a productive call. This isn’t a mass-marketing ploy, but a chance to talk to a decision-maker at a company. Make it count by using your ears.

Put the buyers needs before your own

Putting the prospect at the heart of the call is a good way to ensure you make a good first impression. In sales we have a tendency to be driven by targets, which is important, but does have inherent dangers so take the middle line, buy working efficiently, but putting the customer first. Make it all about them by discussing their needs, their requirements and their company structure. You can then use this information and demonstrate to the prospect how your product or service can make their life easier. Making a good first impression will help your telemarketing call to get off on a positive note and will give you a better chance of success. To find out more about improving your team’s telemarketing skills, explore our site or contact a member of our team.

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