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There is nothing more painful in telemarketing than the challenge of picking up the telephone and getting B2B prospects talking. In fact, getting strangers talking to us is potentially one of those life skills that defines high achievers from non-achievers. So it’s no accident that the first lesson in sales starts with getting a prospect talking. Most of us find that once the conversation is flowing it’s easy to get our points across and create a comfortable, natural and flowing discussion.

But what happens if the person we’re calling is uncommunicative and cold, does that mean our chances of creating a relationship are diminished? Even though these experiences are an important part of B2B telemarketing, many people are still baffled by how to get prospects talking. While some are held back by fear or nerves, others just lack the human skills required to break down barriers and make meaningful connections.

The time between getting past the receptionist and waiting for the decision maker to answer the phone is important. During these moments you’re taking a breath and are poised to make your call opening. The success or failure of your call is often determined by how well you perform in those seconds. If they go well, you’ll glide effortlessly into your call and connect with the prospect you’re speaking to. If you make a mistake however, you could end up fluffing your pitch, making the call awkward or even crashing out altogether.

To ensure disasters like this don’t happen, we’ve developed a range of techniques to guarantee a great first impression, every time. Keep reading to find out more.


The old adage ‘keep it simple sweetie’ is definitely a principle worth noting here. Make your opening introduction as quick and as straightforward as possible. Who you are, where you’re calling from and the reason for your call is the means by which you should introduce yourself. The sooner you can get this bit over and done with, the sooner you can ask your opening questions and get the prospect engaged with the call.

Use open questions

An open question is a question that can’t be answered with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Your question should be relevant to your call, so you glean useful insight from the answer. Avoid pointless questions like ‘how are you?’ as these are not relevant or sincere since you’re calling someone you don’t know so they won’t further your call, they may even irritate your busy prospects and serve to undermine your call.

Show and create interest

People like people who are interested in them. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. Probe relevant details, and be ready to illustrate how your product, or service, aligns with their needs. Rather than listing off the benefits of your products and services all at once, prioritise the information you give, according to your prospect’s particular requirements, preferences or business.

Enjoy the ride

Though your call should always be professional and on point, as a skilled communicator you should also be able to inject an element of enjoyment into the conversation. If you’re confident and charismatic, then this sense of fun will automatically enter your call as most people get a lot of enjoyment from doing a job they’re good at. The more success you have, the more you will enjoy yourself, and the more your enthusiasm will be communicated to the person you’re talking to.

At Blue Donkey, we’re always looking for ways to improve our techniques and our success rate to ensure our telemarketers are doing a job they find meaningful and rewarding. To find out more, or to learn how we can help boost the success of your telemarketing team, get in touch with us today.

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